Monthly Spot The Differences Game

We go back to one of my favorite spankers, Mrs. Daniels. She and her hubby left the scene too soon.

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5 Responses to Monthly Spot The Differences Game

  1. naughty nora says:

    The only difference that I am seeing is that the label on her jeans appears to be missing in the second picture….

  2. Faryak says:

    Thanks, Andy, for another wonderful image game.

    In addition to Nora’s: 1. Monica’s Jeans’ label,
    2. The light witch is lower in left pic.
    3. Mrs. Daniels’ left hand’s ring is missing in right pic.
    4. There’s a rectangular yellow sheet (sticky post-it?) above Mrs. Daniels left shoulder that is missing in right pic.
    5. The sheet’s flowery pattern slightly above “someone” in the site’s logo in left pic is missing a leaf in the right pic.

    And I didn’t mention that I’ve initiated a similar game thread (not with your pictures, but same concept of spotting five differences in a spanking-related image) in a forum I’m a member in; Bottom Lines, in case you’ve heard of it. So, a further thank you for the inspiration.

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