Hi! Andy here, again, hopefully for awhile. With my inner child terrified yet excited to hear a strong woman say “Come here young man”. Write me anytime, someonesandy@yahoo.com. And now you can follow me on twitter: @AndyCano3

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  1. bill says:

    Hi Andy,
    I am new here and love the site. It is outstanding !!!!! I have one question about the top of the home page and the pictures. I would love to see more pictures of the lady that is second from the left sitting on the pink chair. She has a big smile on her face and world class legs. I would love to be over her knee for a long hard spanking.

    • someonesandy says:

      I don’t have any info on her…but will try and hunt down the larger photo for you. Thanks for the comment.

    • otktotto says:

      oh yes bill, she could give me the hardest walloping i’ve ever get in my life …… she should be the reason for my wriggleing, writhin, crying, screaming and for an uncomfortable sitting for one week.

  2. otktotto says:

    thank you for this many pics …. they are nice and such comments are very good. i hope that my comments are okay ….. good luck for this side.

  3. otktotto says:

    a bottom for correction and delate the post would be a good idea 🙂

  4. otktotto says:

    how can i post some pictures??? a button for correct or delete after posting were good ideas for this side.

  5. Eric says:

    I don’t see on you site anyway to look back on your previous posting, like six months or longer, how can I do that or can I do that?

    • someonesandy says:

      You either have to scroll or use the tags (if I tagged it)….it’s a flaw in the system. But hey, scrolling let’s you see everything again!

      • Eric says:

        I can only scroll down to March 17 bottom of you page today and can’t scroll any further, not sure what I am doing wrong.

  6. Mike says:

    Andy, you have a great site and can’t wait to see what you posted each day. Also I like the interviews because you see each of the ladies in a more complete profile and much more personal. Thank you again.

  7. stephanie says:

    I need to be paddle…please contact me

  8. well-behaved hubby says:

    Hello, thanks for all your efforts and such contribution. Excellent site. Very glad to stumble upon it. Btw would you be able to provide a larger pic of Ladies #1 #3 #7 from bar pic at the top by any chance?

  9. Mike Jurcik says:

    Pull down ur pants and under ware and bend over my bed ur getting the belt !

  10. Beaver says:

    Hi Andy,

    Big fan of your blog. I’m hoping your experience will be of use for a mystery I’m trying to solve. I’ve come across an add for a female spanker on backpage in AZ named Ms Victoria Kay. She’s posted multiple times throughout the year, and seems to offer strictly spanking sessions. However, a google search on her name, email, and pics comes up blank. Have you ever heard of her? Her listed email and backpage ad are listed below.

    Email: MsVictoriaKay@gmail.com

    Backpage Ad:

    If she’s legit, I’d love to see her do an interview with you!

    Spanks for what you do!

  11. baxter says:

    love the pictures. How about varying with women that are a bit more mature. I mean, I like the young chicks, but I am in my late 50s and maybe once in a while have some blogs with 50ish women wanting to spank naughty men.

  12. johnw says:

    Ms Victoria Kay is legit and provides one good spanking. good use of paddle and cane. I only wished she’d used the belt more. she left my butt quite red and bruised. highly recommend a session with her

  13. NortyBEAR says:

    Did you do an interview with Miss Terese from NJ, Andy ? If so, how can I find it ?

  14. johnw says:

    I don’t know if anyone is reading this since I have not seen any comments.
    since someone asked about Victoria Kay and I just saw her yesterday let me further endorse and praise her again. the paddling was great with the lexan paddle. her cane found it’s mark every stroke and left several stripes. the heavy rubber strap was intense making this session very satisfying. she is a spankees dream and I can’t wait to see her again.

  15. johnw says:

    Enjoyed Victoria’s interview. Looking forward to seeing her again

  16. Steve says:

    You might contact Auntie Rhi. She is in Northeast Alabama. I’ve seen her several times and she does a great job with sincere, mature, maternal discipline.

  17. Greg says:

    Hi Andy, I have visited many spankers over the years Elizabeth and Auntie Rhi are very good. My favorite is Kelly Payne

  18. tom says:

    what ever happened to miss laia who was featured on your site her website seems to be there but she is not great stuff hope you know

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  20. Mike says:

    I quit getting your daily post for some reason How do I get back on the list?

  21. Jane's pet says:

    Hi there Andy
    Have you heard from Strict Jane lately? Last i heard she was in London, i belive Her email is not working again.

    • someonesandy says:

      She may still be there, or recently left. Are you sure her email isn’t working? She’s not always the quickest to respond. Be happy to give her a little of her own medicine for you. Reading this Jane?

  22. Jane's pet says:

    LOL someonesandy, you getting in trouble with her for suggesting this, yes, i know, she is not the quickest to respond, Her plans were another country after leaving UK on 7/2, Her booking service is down as well, hope She is well, i really hope to see Her again in Cali Mid August if She decides to come back this way.

  23. Wilson says:

    Great site…I think you need to put a survey, of those who frequent your site, to determine the ratio of Female’s to Male’s. Just a thought…
    Nice varity of pics to interviews.

  24. John Smith says:

    Hi Andy – I follow your daily posts for a couple of years now and I wanted to thank you for those and the couple of connections I’ve made because of your posts – miss. Elena and miss Victoria Kay.

    I did however have a question for you if you ever have woman ask you to find men to spank them or maybe would it be possible to post something through your daily posts about “seeking a woman to spank or be spanked within my general area”

    Let me know if you could help, and keep up the great work

    • someonesandy says:

      They never come to me looking for men to spank. But do keep up with all the interviews and links under “I”ll get you Spanked” there are many who would love to meet you.

  25. Tim says:

    Great site and blog! A worthy addition to your “I’ll Get you Spanked” list would be Miss Macie in Cleveland, Ohio. She gives very strict disciplinary spankings. Her website is http://www.simplyspankings.com You should check her out

  26. kidsconny says:

    Andy, have you ever interviewed any of the ladies from the now defunct Cameo Classics? One of them, Miss Elizabeth Burnbottom was a great spanker and I’d be interested learning more about what happened to all the spanking ladies in the Cameo Classics videos and if any are still around offering private sessions. Thanks.

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