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Ripped From The Headlines

what can I say Trump dominates the news cycle all the time. I can’t wait for America to get back to normal again. Whatever normal is….maybe Tiffany can help us all out?

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Jillian’s Brand Spanking New Adventure

“Hi! I’m Jillian, and I’m a spanking fetishist. I think about spanking, I write about spanking, and now, apparently, I make videos about spanking. Offline, I’m a Nairobi-based foreign correspondent and author of Sex with Shakespeare (HarperCollins/ WilliamMorrow). I’ve written for … Continue reading

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Ripped From The Headlines

Real justice – SomeonesGonnaGetIt style! Hey, I check the news every once in awhile. And I’m always happy to “lend a hand” to our legal system to help unclog the congestion of the machine and simplify matters of real importance.

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So Overdue!

I am not thrilled with this President. But do enjoy imagining these scenes. Stormy, Karen and Melania….  

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More Briefings from The White House

It’s Donald Jr.’s turn to have his taken down and get a spanking from step sis.

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These Trump Women 2

Just Love Ivanka taking charge. Her hubby needs this:

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These Trump Women

have me mesmerized. Glad they know how to keep their men in line. Boy do they need it. Donald Jr. gets it from his lovely wife Vanessa.  

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