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Dana Specht – The First Lady of Domestic Discipline

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I don’t want to date you but you are one of the OG’s. Original Gangsta spanka! A legend in the business. Do you remember the first time you gave a spanking? Of course I do, everyone remembers their first time. … Continue reading

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Dear Ms. Marwood – Neighborly Advice

Dear Ms. Marwood, I have a neighbor who regularly spanks her kids, and I’m not here to say if that’s right or wrong since I don’t have kids. If I did I don’t think I’d hit them. But I am … Continue reading

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Miss Rattan The Lost Interview….

I found a lost interview from Miss Rattan. Thought it would be worth publishing (Edited a bit because travel info dated): First off it’s been 5 years since we’ve talked, officially. How’s life? i ….far too long, young man. Life … Continue reading

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Dear Ms. Marwood – Just Warming Up

  Dear Ms. Marwood,

I’ve always been fascinated with spanking. I met a woman who said she’d happily give me one. She asked if I wanted an introductory spanking with a warm up, or the real deal? My fantasy is being … Continue reading

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Miss Mathews – Vanilla Interview

You loved the two part interview with the delightful Miss Mathews. Now you get dessert. Vanilla!!!  Interview.  

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Westchester-Have A Very Merry (Red) Christmas

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Consider it Red Fryday, a double post. If you find yourself in Westchester next week get yourself an early present. I’m sure you’ll still be feeling it on the 25th. Book in advance. Only a few spots open. Mask wearing … Continue reading

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Mistress Scarlet – Semi-Vanilla Interview

It’s always wonderful to sit down and chat with Mistress Scarlet. Ready to view her vanilla chat?

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Elena Rochelle Vanilla Chat

It’s been awhile since we’ve caught up with Elena Rochelle. Happy for this few minutes with her.

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Double Post Day: Two Town Spanking!

Hey Boston. Hey Hartford. Forget Tea Boston it’s an Over the KNEE party!  And who better to dish out a little comeuppance than Strict Lady Chloe? She’s already fully booked day one of her Two Day New England visit. So … Continue reading

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Audrey Sugarsmak – Vanilla Interview

A fan favorite, Audrey Sugarsmak talks a little smak about frivilous things. Enjoy!

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