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Marked: Past Due

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for a real trip, over a real lap, for a real spanking that is. These ladies are back in the swing of things. Give ’em a shout if you want them to make you give them a real shout soon. … Continue reading

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Celebrity FryDay

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We haven’t chatted with Sarah Gregory in awhile, doesn’t mean we don’t want to. She is featured here with Raven MacKenzie to remind you she can still dish it out. If you’ve been living under a rock check out her … Continue reading

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Time Sensitive Double Post: Chloe Is Hands On Again! Watch Out New England

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Good Morning! How are you Andy?? I am fully!!! And I’m ready to dish out some much needed spankings to some very bare bottoms. I love hearing from your readers. They are always so nice and so naughty. I’d love … Continue reading

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London, Boston and DC Time For Your Booster Shots!

  “Discipline is back in session! And you know you need some attention. Luckily, Miss Kelley May will be re-opening at her home base outside of London for in-person sessions starting on April 12th. And for all of you naughty … Continue reading

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JennD The Pen Is Mightier Than The Paddle?

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Big news, you are a published author now!!!! i Ahhhh thanks Andy, yes I am. I’m extremely excited. This has been a long-time dream for me. And this is the year that I made it happen. I can already tell … Continue reading

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Katherine Worthington Thawing!

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Isn’t it lovely when a top disciplinarian like Katherine drops by to say “Hello”. I thought so too! Hi Katherine. First off, our hearts go out to everyone suffering thru that incredible ice storm and it’s aftermath. Was the recent … Continue reading

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Evelyn Setton – A Work of (Spanking) Art!

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A little inside scoop. I always include a little chat in the emails in which I send questions. Not really there to be answered but Ms. Setton took the opportunity to set me straight right away. Thought y’all would enjoy: … Continue reading

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Dana Specht – The First Lady of Domestic Discipline

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I don’t want to date you but you are one of the OG’s. Original Gangsta spanka! A legend in the business. Do you remember the first time you gave a spanking? Of course I do, everyone remembers their first time. … Continue reading

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Dear Ms. Marwood – Neighborly Advice

Dear Ms. Marwood, I have a neighbor who regularly spanks her kids, and I’m not here to say if that’s right or wrong since I don’t have kids. If I did I don’t think I’d hit them. But I am … Continue reading

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Miss Rattan The Lost Interview….

I found a lost interview from Miss Rattan. Thought it would be worth publishing (Edited a bit because travel info dated): First off it’s been 5 years since we’ve talked, officially. How’s life? i ….far too long, young man. Life … Continue reading

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