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Raven MacKenzie Starting At The Bottom!

How old were you when you realized you wanted to be spanked? i i think i was around the 12-year-old mark when i first realized i enjoyed the thought of being spanked. Were you spanked growing up?

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A Spankee’s Memories…

Had a great chat with a fellow spankee the other day. He (let’s call him, Baker) has seen many of the women we feature here. Thought you’d enjoy his recollections and testimonials. Hi Baker. How old were you when you … Continue reading

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Sarah Recounts Lone Star

So another LoneStar is in the books. I hear everyone was there. but me, maybe next year I’ll get invited? i I DID invite you young man!!!! Was this the biggest one yet?

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Picture this: C. Laney and “This Thing We Do”!

Hi Ms. Laney, it’s been awhile since we’ve chatted. Sadly, a little birdie told me you have bowed out of the spanking business? Hello! Wonderful speaking with you again. Yes, I quietly retired in 2017. Well, not entirely. I’d say … Continue reading

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Princess Kelley Giving Royal Spankings

You’ve got some exciting news, you are starting to do private sessions, as a top. What made you finally decide to do this? i I’ve been thinking about taking the leap for a number of years, but I’ve made some … Continue reading

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Catching Up With Jenn D

  Hi Jenn, I just realized it’s been years since we’ve seen each other. i Wow, you’re right, how does time get away so quickly. I think about you a lot & definitely miss you & our time together! I … Continue reading

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The Lovely MacKenzie Reed

You are relatively new to the scene, right?   I’ve been in the spanking scene for two years now. My anniversary fell on the weekend of Board Walk Badness in Atlantic City. It was my first spanking party and the … Continue reading

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