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John Osborne – The Biz And The Love Story with Sarah Gregory

You have a long history and producing spanking videos. How did you start? i Working with a former best friend way back in 2003 and it took off from there. I never intended for that to happen but being there … Continue reading

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Asa Jones and His Spanking Emporium

Asa, it’s a thrill to meet you. You truly do do it all, author, photographer, artist, video producer and retailer. What do you do in your spare time? i Haha. Yes, I do tend to make myself busy, always have. … Continue reading

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Andy Goes To A Spanking Party

You read Miss Elizabeth’s account of the party last week, here’s mine. I’m better at asking questions than answering them. Thanks “S” for interrogating me. So you finally went to a spanking party? Dish… First off, it was incredibly nice … Continue reading

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Elizabeth’s Impressions!

I have a close friend online, maybe my first spanko friend?  It’s been uhm, maybe 16 years? More? Anyway, I told her I was going to a spanking party back in February. I had the distinct pleasure (some pain) in … Continue reading

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Submit to-Scarlett Hill…

Okay they’ve been around for like…ever. Hi Barb, it’s a pleasure to speak with you. You own Scarlett Hill, you’ve been around nearly 30 years right? Right, Andy. Since the still dark, pre-net days of 1990, in fact. It’s hard … Continue reading

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Raven MacKenzie Starting At The Bottom!

How old were you when you realized you wanted to be spanked? i i think i was around the 12-year-old mark when i first realized i enjoyed the thought of being spanked. Were you spanked growing up?

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A Spankee’s Memories…

Had a great chat with a fellow spankee the other day. He (let’s call him, Baker) has seen many of the women we feature here. Thought you’d enjoy his recollections and testimonials. Hi Baker. How old were you when you … Continue reading

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