December’s First Caps

at least for 2018!

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Strict Jane’s Christmas Countdown

Hi Andy,

I have a fun little idea for Christmas.


That was the opening to a wonderful surprise email this morning. Yes, Jane’s alive and well, and I hope to have an interview with her again soon. But she wanted to wish my readers the merriest of holidays and give us a fun way to track Santa.

Happy holidays from Strict Jane! I invite you to enjoy my Misadvent Calendar as the lead-up to Christmas begins:

All the best for a warm tush throughout the holiday season.Β 
With warm regards,
Strict Jane

Accountability Hurts!
Thanks Andy. More later (you know, one day!).
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Jenn D takes the Red Eye to Give Andy the Red Butt

Here’s something new, you are showing off your lovely face now. Stunning. But why now?
Well I’m still very cautious about where I’m posting those photos, but yeah, I figure since my face is in a ton of videos now, it’s kind of out there. I’m limiting those photos to sites that you would only know about if you were an actual spanko and of course clip sites. I’m still not planning on posting any face pics on my website.
Really? Why not?
Long story is… a while back an acquaintance from my vanilla world found my site on a Seattle based directory, figured out it was me, and not everyone understands the word “discretion”. They brought it up in front of a whole bunch of people from my social network who knew me. It was a horrible experience and very traumatizing. Can you imagine being “outed” like that in front of a bunch of acquaintances and some strangers as well? Seriously, who does that?!?

Ready to face the music?
The real Jenn D. Beautiful. Right?

No that is awful and unforgivable. You just saw Andy again. Is he that naughty or that much fun to spank?
iOh he certainly is, sometimes a bit of a rascal, but don’t worry, I make sure to spank & discipline him for that πŸ˜‰
How’s his tolerance?

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November’s Last FryDay (This Year)

This gallery contains 6 photos.

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Eris Loves Retro Spankings. So….

I thought I’d have a little fun. Too old an reference for most of you? If you want an old fashioned spanking, you can drop her a line.

Eris prefers to be contacted through her site as she provides a form that streamlines the application and booking.Β

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Not Too Cold for Hump Day


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Josephine is San Francisco Bound (and spanked)!

A little early for Christmas, and barely late for Hanukkah, but a present you owe yourself.

Hi Andy!

Would you be so kind as to post my San Francisco travel dates?

I will be in town and accepting appointments December 12-15 at La Maison. Schedule time under my thumb and over my knee at

Thank you! And let me know you found me or are seeing me again because of Andy.

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