Jane Stateside!

Dear Andy,
Good news, I’m planning on seasoning in Los Angeles at the end of next week, probably near LAX again. Maybe you can visit me then for a catch-up?
In October I’ll travel to Orlando, Florida and then to Chicago for the Crimson Moon Halloween Party. Could you please be a dear and post the following for me ?
Thanks Andy!!!!!!
See Strict Jane while you can…
Strict Jane in …Chicago…Orlando! And maybe Los Angeles!

Strict Jane, Disciplinarian and Disciplinary Life Coach…very effective once she gets her hands and implements on your deserving behind.

Currently accepting applications for bookings in Los Angeles, where you will end up with a red, sore and sorry little bottom, as always.
I plan to be in Chicago for the Crimson Moon party, 26th-29th October and will be available to people in Chicago at that time.
I may also be available in Orlando, Florida, and Los Angeles during November.
If you have met with me before, please send an email to express your interest in seeing me again. Mention your name, details of your last session and what you seek in the next session. 

If you have not yet met me, please make sure you have completed the New Client Application form on my website before sending me an introductory email.
I will write back with booking details to those I accept for a session.
If you crave a warm, punished bottom, let me know! I look forward to connecting with you soon.
With warm regards,
Strict Jane

Accountability Hurts!
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What Day Is It?

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Discuss This?

Haha, oh we’ll discuss this alright.

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(Spank) Hump Day

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Dear Ms. Marwood – A Brush With Pain

Dear Ms. Marwood,

Simple question: do you have a favorite, sturdy hairbrush, company you prefer? I can’t find the perfect brush….


Dear Patsy,

All my hairbrushes have been given to me as gifts. Most people really like the Vermont Hairbrush Company. You could try them, if they’re still around.

Ed. note: or maybe my readers can suggest some they love?

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September Pick Em’s

you know the drill by now. You get to spank one, two get to spank you…choose wisely.

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Enjoy The Caps


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