Strict Auntie Rhi

Let’s start with where you are located and how do we contact you?


I am located in rural Northeast Alabama. I can be reached at and I have a website at

Now that that’s settled, let’s talk spanking! Was spanking still the norm as a form of discipline when you were young?

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Finally Fryday!

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Trying To Keep Up with O

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Hump Day Was A Hit

let’s see if it still is….

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Dear Ms. Marwood – Product Placement

Dear Ms. Marwood,

Do you only spank bottoms and maybe upper thighs? I’ve seen a few pics lately of men and women having the front of their thighs whipped. Have you done that? I’m thinking it’s probably more painful than the backside with all its padding. And wondering if it’s more dangerous? And how much control you must have not to hit the privates?
 Also, do you use a wooden ruler or implement on the palms of hands, or use face slapping at all?


I have spanked on the upper thigh before. And, yes, it really, really stings! The skin is thinner and also more likely to bruise. Also, as you point out, there is much less padding! I don’t believe it’s particularly dangerous, if not overdone. I’ve never spanked the front on the thighs so I can’t comment upon that. Using a ruler – or other times, like a tawse or strap – on the palms is a very traditional form of punishment. I have used it a number of times. Usually I will wait for it to be requested as it can really make the hands sore. Many people do like this, though.

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Rattan Swinging In NYC

Dear Andrew,
I am going to be in nyc again nov 9-12th. Would you be so kind as to post my dates again on your otk website?

Mistress Rattan

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Get Your Glasses

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