The Strictmoor Video – Coming Soon!

Got a nice note from Elizabeth Spanker the other day. She is jumping into video head first. Lucky us.
Hey Andy!
I wanted to tell you about what a great experience it’s been shooting for Sarah Gregory’s Strictmoor Academy for Girls “Winter Edition”.  We all show up at a beautiful Victorian home not too far from where Sarah lives at about 9am.  We hope to start shooting at 10.  We have Sarah and John Osborne behind the cameras.  Justin was there to help by not only taking photos of all of us behind the scenes and for promo shots, but he along with John were the main brute strength behind physically moving lights, props, etc around.  Adriana Evans is an assistant director for Sarah.  Sarah has taken the time to organize everything and everyone.  We’d all been emailed scripts, but she’s got copies printed out as well as other info sheets that we can refer to.  This is serious business, and we have 5 scenes to shoot in one day.  The models are all shown where the dressing room is and we’re told what we’re shooting first.  You can hear the excitement in everyone’s voices.  Some have done this before, and others, like me, are first timers to the Strictmoor shoots.  We will be there shooting until we are done.  Plenty of food and beverages for us when we have a break or are hungry in the kitchen.
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Pick ‘Em and Comments

so I’ve gotten some pictures emailed to me of women wanting to know, from discriminating spanking fans, which one of them would be picked to be spanked and which look like spankers.  Some even have fun  bets on the results. These pics will be sprinkled in with the others, so do comment. They will be checking. And ladies, send your pics to me if you are curious too!

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Dear Ms. Marwood – Don’t…Stop…Don’t Stop!

Dear Ms. Marwood,
Why do Spankers Stop Spanking? My question is really more of a philosophical one, but I hoped that someone in the profession, a woman who has been seeing the good and the bad end (forgive the pun!) of things, would have some insight. I have known three wonderful spankers, women with really a natural gift for spanking, to just stop altogether, never to discuss the subject again. Can someone just burn-out spanking too much? As a dyed-in-the-wool spanko, this little “habit” of mine is not going away soon, (I’m 47). Can you just be into spanking and then one day…not? And I guess the real question is, the one I am afraid to ask…Will you be giving up spanking anytime soon? Hopefully not before I get a chance to go across your knee!
Dear ForeverOTK,
It’s very sweet of you to be so enthusiastic about coming to see me.  I do hope we have an opportunity to meet one day.  As far as why Pro Spankers retire, I am guessing it’s the same reasons that anybody leaves their jobs:  moving away, meeting someone and maybe getting married, putting in their time and are ready move on, a better opportunity to make more money… Some people see this as an opportunity to make a certain amount of money and then go do other things they want like going to college, or traveling or buying a home or starting a new business.  Spankers are no different about their work than anyone else. What might motivate you to leave YOUR job?
Bottoms up!
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Ready for a Reminder

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Party On


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June Still Sizzles

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Feeling Kinky?


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