You’re Here For FryDay Aren’t Ya?

Hope these don’t disappoint!

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Remember San Fran

you are sooooo close to getting the best spanking of your life…..Juliette (is there an “e” on the end or isn’t there?) there is definitely a paddle on your end if you are smart enough to contact her.

She’s arriving on the 17th. I’d say, book now, and let her know Andy Sent Ya!

Here’s her fetlife contact info:



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Portia and Miss Chris: Double Your Pleasure (or Pain)

Hey Andy!

Spanking fun is happening in KC this January! Our local private dungeon will be hosting a weekend event featuring age play and spanking education by Miss Chris of Arizona!
January 27th is Spanking Saturday!  Miss Chris will be teaching a class on spanking, followed by a play party hosted by the local dungeon and co-sponsored by my club, the KC Spanks Club.
Perhaps of even more interest to you, Miss Chris and I are booking double disciplinarian sessions between Friday, January 26th – Sunday, January 28th.  Yes, that means that a naughty boy or girl could have Miss Chris AND Miss Portia spanking him/her in one session!
How about that?!!!
Portia : )
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Dear Ms. Marwood – Money Exchange

Dear Ms. Marwood,

When I see a pro do I pay up front or after the spanking? Do you count it before proceeding? I know it’s a business arrangement but it feels weird “leaving the money on the dresser”. I guess there is no office or receptionist to bill my visa, just wondering about etiquette?

Dear Anon,

I suppose every Disciplinarian has her own of doing things. I usually request my clients put the balance of their payment in an envelop and we work it into the roleplay at the beginning. “My mother sent this to pay for the class trip.” Or something like that. But my style is to greet my clients “in character” for our roleplay when then come in the door. Some people don’t operate that way. I don’t know how those ladies handle it. The best tack for you to take, for proper etiquette, is to ask. It will be perceived that you are making the effort to be respectful.

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Back To School

These teachers make it easy to get back into the swing of things…should be a great rest of the year!

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Caps 2018


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Breaking News – Juliett is On The Road

Currently in Dallas until Tuesday next stop San Francisco on the 17th. She has a little lap time available, always helps to say “Andy Sent Ya” might be able to squeeze you in.

Here’s her fetlife contact info:

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