Submit to-Scarlett Hill…

Okay they’ve been around for like…ever.

Hi Barb, it’s a pleasure to speak with you. You own Scarlett Hill, you’ve been around nearly 30 years right?

Right, Andy. Since the still dark, pre-net days of 1990, in fact. It’s hard to believe it’s almost been 30 years now, but it’s true.
And it’s all spanking. M/F, F/F and F/M ?

Yes, good old-fashioned M/F, F/F and F/M spanking. And a little bit of BDSMish too, by popular demand.
I am a big fan of yours. Been a big fan of yours. Your site and magazines are so fun. So, why aren’t more of us aware of you?
I’d say it’s due to two mistakes we made in the past. The first was holding onto our off-line biz model too long when the net began to put bookstores out of biz.  The second was not introducing ourselves to other spanking site owners & marketing ourselves as well as we should have when we did become more of an on than off line entity.
Well then, let us introduce you to other spanking site owners now, what kind of relationship do you want to establish?
Friendly & mutually beneficial relationships are the best. I would love to have new releases of my fanzines reviewed or plugged  everywhere, anywhere & with whomever I can on line. But I’d also be happy to just exchange links & do just about anything to get the Scarlett Hill brand out there & let the limited adult spanking market know we’re here.
I’m also  happy to introduce you to all my readers. They are the best. (And I bet many are aware of you already) What’s a fanzine and is that  your primary focus?
I describe a “fanzine” as an old-fashioned, magazine style version of a blog. Each one of the 230+ titles & issue #’s we’ve published over the years features letters, stories, columns, articles, art, photos, finds, recommendations & anything we can find to entertain our readers. Just like a blog. We also offer links to other hot sites like yours in our newer, interactive pdf format.
Will you accept content from others? Bloggers, writers, photographers, animators, video producers?
Yes & in a heartbeat as long as the content is original.
Anything top the list? Or submit everything? Is there any pay?
Submit everything. I’ll let them know what’s usable & not. And pay… That’s a laugh!  I can’t afford to pay for content anymore or for some of the other things I’d love like cgi software & classes so we could make our own illustrations like a couple of sites I’ve come across are doing.
There you go peeps, get your stories, photo’s, artwork out there and published.  Contact them:

Even our Dear Ms. Marwood is featured.

Let’s talk more about the company in a minute, but let’s learn a bit more about you. Have you always been into spanking?
As a top, bottom?
As a bottom first, as female baby boomers were encouraged & expected to be.  I evolved into topping later when a gent I was playing with asked me to switch.  It wasn’t the first time.  I should say there were a lot of switchable guys who billed themselves as doms to get women to respond to their ads. Sexism still reigned in those days, & it still does to a lessor extent today. I was as reluctant to spank a man as most of the other ladies like me looking to be swept off our feet & spanked.  But, thankfully, I evolved & discovered to my everlasting delight that making a man dance & sing to my tune over my knees was as much fun as being made to do it myself & whole lot more empowering.  That poor man! He almost regretted asking me to spank him. But he came back for more & I moved on to other men & then on to women as a top & bottom too occasionally. I wanted to experience it all & I have I’m pleased & proud to say.
Your first spanking desires were of being spanked? Because of the norms back then? Or it just turned you on?
Because of the norms AND because the movie scenes I saw growing up turned me on.
Can you recall the first time spanking entered your consciousness?
No, not specifically. As I said, I’ve just been into it since I was a little brat.
Do you remember the first time you were spanked?
Of course! Doesn’t everyone?
You enjoy scolding, baring and spanking naughty boys?
You know I do! And the bigger & naughtier the better, too! There’s nothing as empowering as making a big, strong, supposedly dominant man dance & sing to my tune as I mentioned above. And there’s nothing as satisfying & gratifying as fulfilling life-long fantasies as I’ve been blessed to be able do many times in my personal & professional lives.

Fun articles, mainstream news, and photos!

How about spanking women, any difference? Or is a spanking a spanking?
Well, I’d have to answer yes to both, basically. A spanking is a spanking, but there’s a lovely lot more involved than making a pair of buns bounce & blush as we in the know all know. Each spanking is as unique as the participants, which is why I enjoy spanking other women as much as I do.  Spanking another woman is a lot different than spanking a man in my experience & better because of it in a more emotionally honest & intimate  way. The women I’ve spanked weren’t embarrassed or shy about showing or sharing their feelings  & thoughts, which made reading & satisfying them refreshingly easy compared to those silent, stoic men I did not like to deal with.
What do you get out of the experience? I mean what makes it so darn fun?
Well, playful spankings are innocently naughty fun by nature. Just look at how popular birthday spankings still are. I must admit to getting a kick out of all cute birthday spanking snap shots proudly posted on social media these days. Everyone is always smiling wide & obviously getting into it. How much only they can say, but I like to think some will suddenly be bitten by the spanking bug as some of us were at the start. As to why spanking becomes a passion or obsession for some & not others, I’ll have to refer you to a psychiatrist or a chapter on “abnormal psychology” in one of their text books for the answer to that one, Andy.
Let’s personalize it a little more then. Tell me about a spanking with you?
First off, spanking you would be my pleasure, Andrew. I have a feeling that it would be a hoot & holler to turn you over my knees & take you on the roller coaster ride I favor for first timers & make sure to include all of the shrieking peaks & catch your breath valleys it takes to test limits, teach lessons & provide a true taste of the bittersweet realities of a real shameful, painful & somehow sexy as hell in the afterglow spanking!
Sounds like quite the ride. You were a professional disciplinarian for awhile?

Yes I was for around 2 years  once upon a time. I worked with some wonderful women who made their living spanking men & knew a lot more through my publications. I got curious & decided to give it a try. I wanted to see how different being paid to spank would be.  And I did.  The problem was that I did not the professional pall as I’ll call it that came along with the job. It came with expectations that made me tense & took the fun out of it for me. I prefer personal freedom & found it again when I left my paid disciplinarian days behind me after about 2 years of professional practice.

What part do you enjoy most? The lecture, baring the bottom, squirming?
I love it all. I’m a with all the thrilling, chilling traditional trimmings kind of gal & appreciate each stage of a ritualistic spanking session  for the unique experience it should be & is when I administer a playful or proper punishment. Spanking is much more emotional than physical as we in the know all know, right Andy?
Could you give a sound hand spanking?
Once upon a time but not anymore. I have an extensive collection of implements after all the years I’ve been at this & like to use what fits the occasion along with my favorite antique hairbrush.  It’s made of ebony, burns like blazes & soehow always seems to come in to play somewhere along the line to the corner I always make the red bottomed bottoms I spank stand in before I’m satisfied.
When’s the last time you spanked someone professionally?
Professionally?  Hmmm… Too far ago to remember exactly. 15 years perhaps.
Why did you give it up? Do you think you could still do a few sessions a week?
I suppose could if I wanted to. I’ve never stopped getting requests & generous offers to be flown here or there & put up in 4 star hotel. I simply don’t want to & already explained why I stopped & am not interested in starting in again.
Do you still use it in your private life?
I sure do. But only on special occasions now, like when old friends or one of my surrogate kids can pay me a visit.  Unfortunately, that isn’t as often as I’d like since we moved SHE central from New Jersey to the less accessible Northern side of Nevada.  We’re right at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains below Lake Tahoe & it’s beautiful & life is laid back. But, unlike Vegas, it’s harder to get here.
Alright business,  what drove you to start your company in 1990?
I would say desperation & desire did it & I don’t want to bore younger fans reading this with another “how bad it was back when” story. But I have to take a moment to explain how scare entertainment for spanking enthusiasts was back in those dark, pre-net days. Especially for men & women who broke the old taboos & went against the strongly established sexist grain. My partner, Michael, & I saw & felt the need to try & provide a publication to entertain, enlighten &, most of all, expand the small adult spanking community beyond the California & New York hubs it was confined to at the time.  Thanks to the dawning of computers & desktop publishing software, we were able to put our little 3 preferences in one newsletter together ourselves & print it out on an office copy machine.  Our first issue of Strictly Speaking Spanking was only 16 pages, but it was a big hit & paved the way for all of the other fanzines to follow. I’m proud to say we’re up to 231 titles & issue #’s as of now & don’t plan to stop.
Scarlett Hill, where did you come up with the name?
It came off the top of our heads & would have been Hills if we didn’t have to worry about being too obvious as we had to for the sake of our more  skittish customers.  Believe it or not, that little s would have freaked them out!
Funny how times have changed. Anyone into vintage clips should check you out. You even have a Jennifer Brooks title.

We sure do, & it’s a special video too seeing that it was shot in Jennifer’s very own home at the time & based on her own naughty wishes, which were to show the true endearingly bratty tomboy she really was beneath her  model like beauty & the cool, aloof star stature she’d already achieved at the time at Shadow Lane.

 Jennifer was still young then & eager for the fun she had riding her own dirt bike around recklessly enough to earn the spanking she wanted & got right on the spot she picked outside where a neighbor or passer by on the road not far away might see & hear.  We did our best to make sure no one did get a free peek, of course, & no one did. But having to worry added to the fun for all of us, & Jennifer’s true, friendly & warm personality & hospitality made the shoot for Tomboy Tease a treat for all concerned.

Ah, Jennifer!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do a sequel with Jennifer before she decided to start her own thing & devote it to her previously unseen dominant side. I was happy to help promote her magazine, Behind the Scene with Jennifer Brooks, & her flicks. And the rest, as they say is history. She went on to WOW FemDom fans for years until she retired not that many years ago.
Are you featured in any of the video’s you sell?
No, none that we sell.  I have kids & a family in my other life & have to protect my anonymity as almost reading this will understand.
Will you be producing more clips in the future? Or is it worth it?
We still have a bunch of good, old SHE Studios tapes to convert to downloadable flicks & offer for sale on our site. Our clips do well & our customers have been asking for more since we shot our last “Amateur Classic” 15 or 16 years ago. It’s been so long that I can’t recall exactly, but it was shortly before I moved to Northern Nevada & discovered how much more difficult it was to shoot videos than it had been in the NY metro area of Jersey where I’d been or the Bay area of California where I’d grown up & started out. It was so hard & so expensive to get volunteers to where I was & still am in Northern Nevada that it just wasn’t worth it anymore.

Is there just too much free content out there today?

As a publisher who has lost business to all the free content out there, I have to sadly say yes.  I would also have to point to all of the competition that’s out there on the web these days as a hurdle for the small mom & pop shop Scarlett Hill has evolved into.
Or piracy?
We haven’t had much trouble yet, thank goodness, & I hope we never do.  But we haven’t escaped it & are prepared to protect ourselves if & when we feel we have to.
How do you stand out of the crowd?
Let me answer that one with a question of my own… Do you know of any other spanker owned, operated & supported publishing houses that specializes in old-fashioned FemDom spanking as our fans have dictated we do over the last decade or so? No? Well, there you go. Scarlett Hill was the only one of its kind when we started in 1990, & we still are as far as I know. We’re also still as old-fashioned as ever when it comes to prompt, friendly service, & in all the sadly lost prompt, friendly service departments.
Your site is wonderful. I love the artwork and design. It feels like a party. Who came up with it?
Thanks for the compliment  & appreciating the CELEBRATION of spanking my partner & I want visitors to feel & join in when they come by  Unfortunately, the site is more like an on-line catalog & store than the entertaining all on its own place we want & need to bring fans back for more. But our plans to fix it are already underway, & a brand spanking new & improved will dawn as soon as we can make it so.  It just takes time, especially when you’re pubhlishing fanzines too. So I have to ask our fans to be undertsanding & patient & believe me when I say the wait will be worth it!
What can we expect from “The Hill” in the future?
I wish I knew, believe me.  It sure would save a lot of time & stress! I can only promise that we’ll keep plugging away & trying to please our fans as best we can for as long as we can.  As always, how long that will be is up the kindred spanking spirits we seek to serve & hope will make it possible with their patronage & literary or artistic contributions to our cause.
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5 Responses to Submit to-Scarlett Hill…

  1. Great job, Andy! Bravo & Thanks! The longest interview of my 30 year career was well worth all the questions & paints a better picture of SHE & me than any other I’ve done… Just like you promised you smart & talented never too old to be naughty boy. I look forward to the next collaboration & a long & mutually beneficial friendship from here. I also hope to be serving & satisfying some of your fans soon & for a long time to come, too! SHE & me have been, “around for like… ever.”, as you noted at the start. And I would like to add my personal assurance that we’re not going away any time soon. Especially with new tech savvy friends & fans like you! Thanks again & spank on!

  2. De says:

    Folks please support this company..they are awesome!!!!! Their is a nitch for real spanking stories and we need to keep it alive…,these are great people providing a superior product.,,if you do not have a PDF mag get some – instant downloads…affordable, authentic, and awesome..,been a fan since 1995 (mail order magazines back then!)

    • And a great big THANK YOU to you too, De! Your kind & generous words really made me day & all the harder times we’ve had spanking on thru almost 30 long, very eventful years of social & technological changes seem worth it. What a great feeling! Thanks again for inspiring it, De, & please know that I look forward to serving & satisfying you far into the blushing brighter than ever future it seems we have thanks to fans like you & new naughty friends like Andy willing to help spread the word about our humbly historic but little known spanker owned, operated & supported corner of the ever expanding web wide adult spanking world.

  3. John says:

    Love Scarlett Hill and bought their magazines for many a year with some great feedback from Barb when applying and on occasions failing to purchase correctly. Great content, great stories, fantastic letters …. long may it continue …

    • Scarlett Hill says:

      Thanks, John! Your words are as sweet as you are for taking the time to share them! I look forward to continuing to serve you & all of our fantastic friends & fans for as long as you all keep supporting us old hands at

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