A Two Day Affair with Katherine! FLR Offerings

Hi Katherine, you’ve been so kind to give us a peek at your new films and great descriptions. Is this FLR a new direction for you?
Yes!   I’ve had many requests for FLR style videos, which comes natural to me anyway, so we decided to take the leap.   It has been great!
Will you continue to produce other types of “Non FLR” type spanking videos as well?
For sure!

We can’t directly name the store due to wordpress rules, but in a roundabout way, where can we find your video clips store?

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Monday’s Girl Are Full of Correction


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Ah Sunday.

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More Amplification – Princess Kelley May

Hey Andy,

I’d never say “no” to a princess!

So I’m headed back to the States for a few weeks for what will likely be my last working trip to the US until the end of the year! All naughty boys and girls who are in need of a trip across my knee should apply asap at misskelleymay.com or email me directly if we’ve worked together before.
My dates are:
Dallas: August 21-25
LA: August 26-29
Oakland/SF: August 29 *If there is sufficient interest*
Vegas: August 20- September 2
Boston: September 12 and 16-18
I hope to see all of your naughty bottoms soon, turning bright red under my firm hand.
Miss Kelley
PS. Thanks Andy 🙂 You’re the best!



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Lisa Offers A Taste Of Philly…Over Her Knee!

When did you first know you were into spanking?

I did not discover my love for spanking, until I was in my early 30’s. I was dating a gentleman and he, very soon into our relationship, trusted me with his desire to be spanked. I had never spanked anyone, and I really thought that I would not be able to do so. Famous last words! I immediately was a fish to water.

So you didn’t play games as a kid that used spanking at all?

No, but I have a few close friends that played spanking games as children. I just love watching the twinkle in their eye as they recount those memories. It is endearing.

What is your spanking philosophy?

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Toronto’s Spanking Pop-Up Strict Jane and Miss Rattan

When a restaurant wants to test the waters in LA it creates a Pop Up. They take over a secret place, release the info a few days in advance, generate buzz and business. Well, looks like two of our top too pro’s are doing the same! Here are the notes I received:

Hi Andy! Guess what? This is Strict Jane, here with Miss Rattan in Toronto. I am visiting on the spur of the moment and we thought it would be fun to do some sessions together! Could you please be a dear and spread the word about this mutual spanking magic available to people in the Toronto area? 
Hi Andy, 
Miss Rattan here. What fun to meet Jane! We are available Aug 26th and 27th at my
Location. (Maybe some openings will happen August 19, 20, 21 too). Thank you for your help Sweetie!

Strictly yours,

Mistress Rattan

“A Corporal Fix for a Corporate World”



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FryDay From The Old Drive…Chelsea

a little older pics, from Chelsea Pfeiffer, hope you haven’t seen them all yet? She’s getting spanked in the first spank. Mmmm…

to check out more from her go to: https://www.cpentertainment.com/

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