A Note On Randoms

they more than held their own during my respite. So we shouldn’t discount them going forward should we?


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Because I keep Getting Asked….Really?

I can’t believe how many emails I received over my “break” asking if I’m on twitter. I know I took a month off but come on…It’s been 6 years now? Or more? If you aren’t following please do. If you are thanks.

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Earth Day…Mother Nature Spanks!

It’s not nice to mess with Mother Nature! You are still using plastic straws, not recycling and I saw you litter. Consider Mother’s little helper today. You are getting spanked!

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Yay, Easter Sunday Caps….

Best of luck on your egg hunting. Have a wondrous day.

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I’ve gotten requests to post more Art and Comics. So let me know if you like it or not? Is it something we should just Passover?

Polls close in a week. Make your voice heard.

Click to read the comic book from the amazing artists at Pal Comix.

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Good Friday? How About Great FryDay!

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Ask Andy – Don’t Spank Me!

Hi Andy,

First off I love your blog, have been reading it since the beginning. Over on other servers. I’ve noticed you haven’t been spanked all that often, so I’m wondering if you’ve turned down offers to be spanked? And who would you have loved to be spanked by but it never happened?

Amazingly I have turned down the chance to be spanked. It takes a lot of willpower. I’m surprised I have any. I may have retired my bottom for good now. I don’t think I’m all that fun to spank anyway?

As far as my wish list? Jennifer Brooks could have and should have been my very first but that’s a long story with sadly, an unblemished ending. NuWest’s Debra. She just dropped out of sight after that ugly court battle. I do wish her the best and miss her madly. Also retired, Miss Terese we owed each other spankings. And it started with a basketball bet.

Then there’s Lina, a longtime fave and Audrey Knight. Two lovely video vixens that I spent many hours watching, usually in five minute increments.

And finally, Alice Morningstar, who was given a great testimonial by Alice’s Little Bud. I need to be spanked by her so I can officially join the brat pack! And, of course, I’ve fallen for every woman who has been kind of enough to bless me with an interview and be honored to be disciplined by them. You can see their names on the right under “I’ll Get You Spanked”.


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