Action Fry Day

Strong women taking matters into their own hands.

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Let’s Get It On

bare skin!

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There’s still time to pack a bag and head to the desert for the Silver Anniversary of the World Famous Shadowlane Spanking Party.


And if you want a little attention these ladies will be attending. Drop them a line, set up a play date:





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Dear Ms. Marwood – Spanking Porn

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Dear Ms. Marwood,

I found spanking porn on my sons (14 years old) computer history. What do I do? Confront him? Don’t say anything as boys will be boys? We’ve never spanked him. Is it just curiosity?


Dear Marie,

What I can tell you is this:  many clients have reported being curious about spanking in childhood.  Some of them since they were 5 years old or younger. I’d say it’s about 50/50 as which ones actually experienced spanking in the home and which ones didn’t, so there doesn’t really seem to be a correlation.   It’s just like being straight or gay. If you’re a real spanko, generally, the urges just show up and the desires never go away.  The therapeutic community  no longer considers such a thing a “perversion”.  It’s just another form of sexual expression… and there are far worse – and even harmful — things to be attracted to than this. If by porn, you mean images of men doing shocking, misogynistic  things to woman, or engaging in pornographic sexual acts (and we all know the difference between that and other kinds of sex) well, then I’d be concerned that perhaps it should be addressed.  But if it’s just images of bare bottoms being spanked and paddled and the like, maybe it’s something you should try monitoring before you try bringing it up to him. Maybe you don’t need to even confront this at all. Wait and see. I’m not averse to some really cagey snooping by concerned parents. Adolescents are supposed to be curious and they are also supposed to try exploring things (safely) that they don’t share with their parents… to a certain extent. Sometimes confronting them with it will drive it underground, or even make them more interested in it simply because of the defiant nature of the developmental phase they’re going through.  You know your child. I don’t. I can only offer another viewpoint to consider. If any of this resonates with you, it’s probably worth at least a try.

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I’m Happy

because I’m going to spank you!

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Caps, I mean?

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Elena Re Visits


It’s been awhile how are you?

Relatively busy – warming rear-ends!


We just met Victoria Kay. She credits you with getting her into the business. How did you two meet?

We met years ago and are good friends.  Continue reading

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