Mmm Hump Day

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Why Not Pull Out The Pick ’em Game?

Seems fun, you pick one to spank and the other two get to spank you.

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Monday 1st Spanking of the Week!

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Week End Fun

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Arlie and Her Daddy

Hi Arlie. So nice to meet you. You are a 100% bottom?
Yes, I live for it to be honest.
No desire to spank a bare bottom?
Never got the urge other than maybe something playful in the moment.
How old were you when you first realized you were a spanko?
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Ur In Trouble

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That’s Gotta STING!



This is new territory for my blog but probably way overdue. You are the first M/m site I’ve ever reviewed. I do believe it will make some of my female “fan-nies” very happy.  (and a few men too). And don’t despair F/m fans, read on! The site is run by Rob and Richard.

So how did you meet?

We met years ago as friends, then went out separate ways. I was working in London for a TV news company and needed somewhere to stay so Rob, who was living already in London, suggested I stay with him.

iWhat is your relationship with each other?

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