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Dear Ms. Marwood,

Ohmygod, hope you are on the mend? Good time to send you questions like you said. I told my girlfriends that I spank my husband when needed. They are astonished to be sure. I tell them it works wonders, and it does. Now they are thinking about spanking their husbands. Do you think that is wise? I mean, my husband and I have been doing this a long time, and it might not be right for everyone?

Dear Cindy,

Good on you for being open about your domestic training methods!  And kudos to your friends for being so open and curious. I have long maintained that women have no idea how much easier they could make their lives if they incorporated corporal behavior modification programs into their relationships. Especially, if they have a spouse who finds spanking a lure. That being said, it’s never good for a novice to just go off half-cocked into wielding painful and potentially harmful implements on an unprepared victim. Perhaps they could use you as a resource? Let them ask some practical questions about how you do things. Explain to them your safety procedures and warn them about potentially harmful (wrong) ways to spank…. Such as allowing a leather implement or a cane to wrap across the outside of the hip, etc.  If you aren’t willing to help, then please encourage them to find a book about spanking. I’m sure the internet must list several.  Or they could always find a meet-up group or go to an event at one of the commercial BDSM clubs on a spanking night. Or….. maybe you’d like to orchestrate a private spanking party with your curious friends. Could be just for the ladies, or it could be for couples. People can overcome their shyness and nervousness after a glass of wine or two. That’s when the real questions come out and they get brave enough to give things a try. Could be fun!

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Get Spanked – Ophelia

Ophelia is making her way across the pond. If you crave a spanking, English Old School, you must book an appointment soon.


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Required Reading

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Get Spanked – Michelle

I received a letter from a woman who is seeing Michelle for spanking therapy. She asked if I wanted to interview her about the sessions. Hellz yeah!



You see Michelle for therapy sessions?

Yes I do.

How long have you been seeing her?

Over 2 years.

Can you tell us what you are being treated for?

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That Day of the Week

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Get Spanked – Gin

I am going to Seattle Feb. 12th – 14th and Portland 15th-17th next month for spanking fun

Come get your Valentine spanking!



and keep checking my blog. Going to have a fun interview soon!

Smiles and Spanks, Gin
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Get Spanked – Elizabeth

I will be in Vegas and offering just a few session spots.  The dates are February 23, 24 & 25, 2017.  I will be at a hotel in Summerlin, going to a party and shooting some more video, but I wanted to open up my schedule for a few select clients while I’m there.  Book early or miss out!



I do have travel plans for April 16th through April 21st, 2017 to Arkansas.  I will have more particulars as to the cities I expect to be visiting very soon.


And you can still find me on Backpage. That’s right.

I am still advertising on backpage in their “Services” section under “Creative”.  I can be found on numerous other websites and blog sites as well;  Someone’s Gonna Get It, All Things Spanking,, Fetlife as ElizabethSpanker, SpankingTube as MissElizabeth, Twitter as MissE_Spanker, and also on Cane-iac’s Disciplinarian page.  Or you can always reach me to schedule via email here,

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