Dessert Caps….

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Cassandra Marks – Bare Bottoms!

It’s about time I found you. Hi.

About time indeed! Hello!

Is it true you received a degree in psychology?

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End of the Work Week

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London Tanners – Should Be On Your Shopping List

London Tanners has been around a long time, when did Ian Head actually start the business?

Ian started the company in America about 15 years ago. He started making leather goods though many, many years ago in England (The Saddle Bag Company), making handbags and belts in Portobello Road, selling to shops like Harrods. He slowly began to sell leather bondage goods to sex shops in London, and that’s how he started in the fetish business. He was making and selling leather fetish goods long before he had an online presence, at munches and parties.

That online presence by the way is:

And you, how long have you been working there? And you’ve taken over the business? How long have you had it?

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Wednesday Hump Day!

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Dear Ms. Marwood – Sex Worker?

Dear Ms. Marwood,

Is being a disciplinarian considered being a sex worker? Every site I’ve seen says “Absolutely No Sex” on them, yet I’ve read recently that you’ve been grouped in that category? Not a spanking question so much but I am bewildered.


Dear Frank,

I honestly have never checked as to how professional disciplinarians are categorized. Perhaps you would have more occasion to make this observation since you are searching for providers in this area. I’m pretty traditional in my approach and my sessions are about discipline (or, in my Spanking Life Coach program, it’s about results – and consequences!) I’m not there to titillate or flirt. I’m there to fashion scenarios, scold and correct naughty behavior etc… or give a good, hard swatting because that’s what someone wants or needs, for no apparent reason at all. Other providers might incorporate more eroticism in their sessions and might consider themselves sex workers, but, if you need an official answer to the question, I imagine there’s someone else more knowledgeable than I somewhere who should be queried.

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Cassidy Lau – 4 Spots Left London

I’m in London, March 25-26

Two London updates: 1.Cassidy Lau

This American Beauty is only in town for a short visit and is already in high demand. Unless she can carve out more time for sessions she only has FOUR sessions open.

There’s still be time for a lucky few to play with the lovely Cassidy. Don’t regret it, contact her now.

And London, you must be soooooo naughty, because Eris Martinet

will be in town March 18th and 19th. Yes, it’s short notice…again. What am I going to do to these ladies to make them notify earlier? Suggestion box is open. (Comment section)

Come see me. xx





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