Spanking Appreciation Day Continues…Throughout The Year

candid spanks, at home, in public. Vanilla’s enjoying the thrills of spanking. (Maybe a spanko or two in the bunch?) How fun.

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Well Picture That. It’s Hump Day!

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Bags Are Packed…

with implements, these ladies have been sent addresses and spanking instructions. Are you on their “hit list”?

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Let’s See How Bruised You Are

from the weekend spanking. Not that it’s going to make me ease up on your Monday reminder.

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Our Miss Brooks – Theda Brooks!

Hi Theda, it’s wonderful to meet you. You are a no nonsense disciplinarian, right?
Hi Andy, Yes I like to think that I am, I do not provide the erotic side to discipline. I am strict in my sessions, but I will always respect limits.

No bondage, no piercing, no other punishments, just good old fashioned corporal punishment?
No, I am just a Traditional disciplinarian, I do not provide the dominatrix side of punishment.

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Letting Off Some Steam

cause it’s FryDay!

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When You Don’t Have A Chair

you make do…cause this spanking isn’t going to wait until we get home!

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Hump Day, Who Doesn’t Love Hump Day?

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Had Some Lappie Photo’s Sent In


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