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Hi Andy,

Check out my latest book, Punish a Peeper, now available on Amazon in ebook and audio format.

Try the audio version – it will be like I’m reading you a bedtime story.

Punish a Peeper

Sorority Justice Day

Danielle’s Naughty Neighbor-Miss Monica

-Miss Monica


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Dear Ms. Marwood – Spanking Health

marwood headerDear Ms. Marwood,

I keep reading of all these benefits from spanking. Like an endorphin release. (has this been scientifically proven?) a clearer mind. Wiping the slate clean type of thing. I know you give spankings for a living so there must be something to it. Are there real benefits to getting your butt whipped?

Well, Mike,

I don’t think so many people would be eagerly coming to visit people like me if there were no benefits to a good butt-whoopin’.  And, yes, an intense spanking will release endorphins. That is the body’s natural reaction to pain. It’s involuntary. Those hormones do produce a feeling of well-being, but you can induce this phenomenon through vigorous physical activity like running or skiing or a challenging game of tennis. The people who enjoy spanking do report feeling cleansed, purged, relaxed, and other such descriptions. But, again, you can achieve that feeling via many other modalities  If you have a genuine attraction to spanking you may want to see if it works for you.  If you’re just thinking about it because it might clear out your mind or give you an adrenaline rush, I’d recommend you try other more conventional outlets first.

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Brunettes Who Spank….

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Captions, what else

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Alice Morningstar – Last Leg

Phew almost over. Texas and Florida, let’s get some heat going.

Alice is worn out - almost

Alice is worn out – almost

One more leg of the journey before Alice goes home.  Don’t miss her.



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Andy What I’d Do To You

received emails that had that line in it. So tried to imagine the women saying it and acting on it. Thanks for the notes.

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