Hang ‘Em High

over your knee….or over a table….

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Shadow Lane Reminders

Ya’ll blew it. Mary isn’t going to Vegas. But Rachel still is, and she’s hopping mad. Get on the wrong side of her hairbrush.       http://www.positivelyspanking.com/

Rachel and Mary

And see my friends, Jenn D, Elizabeth, and be one of the first ever to be spanked by the lovely Cassy. And for ladies only Samantha Baker.

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Pick ’em Battle is Back On

you pick one to spank and the other two get to spank you. Let’s us know how you vote.

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Dear Ms. Marwood – First Aid

Dear Ms. Marwood,

Are there any long term risks or rewards to getting spanked? Like can you get a blood clot or break a tail bone with a heavy paddle? Scaring? Are you prepared with First Aid if the need arises? Has it ever for you? How about rewards, physically, emotionally or mentally? Do you really release endorphins? Does it improve your mental well being? Should everyone get a spanking for health? Just curious.


Dear Deb,

Well…. First of all, “everyone” shouldn’t “do” anything in particular. There is no such thing as something that benefits all people universally. I’m sure there are many people for whom spanking play would not be interesting or useful or beneficial. But we’re not talking about them in this column. That being said, yes, of course there are risks. You are flailing hard stinging implements at people’s bare flesh! At the center of what you’re asking is this: anyone considering a spanking experience or a spanking relationship needs to first ascertain whether they are engaging with a caring and competent practitioner. If you receive your spankings from an experienced and responsible spanker you shouldn’t have to be concerned with “blood clots” or to “breaking a tailbone” – something I have never once heard of, by the way, in all my years involved with the spanking world.

If someone doesn’t know what they’re doing, yes, you can absolutely put yourself serious danger. There are certain areas on the body that should NOT be struck. There are certain ways in which this implement or that should not be wielded… etc., you get the idea. I have never heard of anyone enduring medically serious injuries from a well-delivered spanking. So pick your partners with care!

As far the issue of mental well-being, I cannot give a definitive, universal answer. But I can tell you that to a one, every spanko I have ever met reports that a good spanking really blows out the cobwebs and leaves them refreshed and relaxed for quite some time thereafter. Often I am told that if such people haven’t gotten a good butt tanning for awhile they find themselves short tempered, distracted and cranky, and that a good sound bottom swatting sets things right again. So while everyone may not be suited for the spanking scene, for many people is does improve their emotional and mental well-being.

As far as First Aid goes, Most of my clients are not heavy duty enough for me be concerned with that kind of aftercare. But of course I do have the appropriate disinfectant products in my medicine cabinet just as most people do. I have occasionally had to administer such remedies, but not often. If you are thinking about exploring the world of spanking games I hope this has reassured you that with reasonable due diligence you should never have to fear for your safety. It’s mainly about choosing your partners with care.


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Ready? Let’s Play!


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Feedback Says “Keep The Caps”

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Get Your Red Hots….Bottom’s That Is.

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