FryDay Already?

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Domina J Brings Tears

A client of yours, Harry, asked why I haven’t interviewed you yet. I told him I didn’t know about you. How have you been off of my radar?


I don’t know how I have been off your radar but now that you found Me, you might not want to let Me go 😉

Maybe I won’t! Well I appreciate him setting up our chat. Will you reward him?

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Spanking Fiction

David, owner and author of f/m stories, wants you to know about his fiction site:


Give it a read then leave comments here.

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Dear Ms. Marwood – Am I Too Young?

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Dear Ms. Marwood,

Hi. Love the advice column. I’m currently in college and involved in spanking and some BDSM play. I’m meeting people on Fet and Spanking Needs and really enjoying spanking and being spanked. I’m thinking about even charging for some sessions. Do you think I’m too young to be a top (20). Do you think it’ll damage “my career” which hasn’t even started yet if someone finds out what I do? Do you have a professional job besides spanking? Have you kept your spanking secret? Want to know everything about it before I dive in.


Dear Stacie,

You’re not necessarily too young to go Pro. The one caveat I have is that a lot of spankos want to be disciplined by a maternal authority figure and are not drawn to someone so young.  But you might consider working with another, and older, woman.  It would give you mass appeal and also keep you safe by looking out for one another. As long as you think you know enough, and have enough of a repertoire, to be able to keep clients satisfied time after time…. And most importantly, as long as you know how to spank safely, then why not give it a try?  Do your due diligence. Maybe you can find people in the groups you participate in who have a lot of experience and they can coach you and allow you to practice till you feel you are at a professional level. If you’re going to ask folks to part with their hard earned cash, you need to be sure you can ‘bring it’.  I offer coaching for couples and/or for people who want to set up a professional practice, teaching them all the ins and out of the business, giving them practice using implements, showing them how to ply their trade safely, teaching how to greet clients and weave your little spell and give them a great session adventure, etc etc. Maybe there are some spanking dommes in your area who give tutorials. Just make sure you enlist good one. Don’t waste your time or $ on just anyone. Ask qualifying questions; find out if she knows her stuff.  I think that would help you a lot in gathering the confidence needed to run your own show.

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Jenn D is HITTING the Road!

Baltimore you are up first…..

Let me know Andy sent ya!

Let me know Andy sent ya!






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Sage Advice

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Backpage Lives! Notice to All Professional Spankers.

W  I   N  D  S  O  R


I noticed that Backpage only took off Adult Classifieds in the US. So Elizabeth Spanker and I came up with the brilliant idea of posting from another country, like Canada. She has posted her services from Windsor. And we can make that the “official” spanking site for all who wish to advertise. Just put where and when you will be available.

How’s that? Send me a note if you post there. Let’s spread the word.

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