Move over Starbucks, Miss Jenn Seattle’s Finest

Ah, found s a new spanking lady on the Puget Sound. Miss Jenn, hi, pleasure to meet you. Let’s get some background, how long have you had an interest in spanking?

spanko-1Lets! I grew up in a generation that didn’t really get spankings. My sister who is a lot older than myself did receive some spankings, but by the time I was born, change was in the air and it was really frowned upon to give children spankings. Plus my dad always said I was so good, he wouldn’t be able to find anything to give me a spanking for! And I never had a boyfriend who was into spanking, so it never came up.

But somehow it did?

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Birthday Spankings….Miss Marwood

I just heard from the lovely Miss Harriet Marwood and found out her birthday is coming up soon. She celebrates all month with spankings….now’s your chance to see one of the best doing her best.

Her note:


Miss Marwood beckons...

Miss Marwood celebrates….

September 20th is my birthday.  I celebrate the entire month of September!  So please spread the word–  about how wonderful I am, (haha)  and that everyone should treat themselves to a lively spanking adventure over my knee, that would be a nice birthday present to me!  ….and of course, feel free to tell  all the spankos you know that any and all real birthday presents will be happily welcome as well. This is the month of ME, ME, ME!  ;)

her birthday with style!

her birthday with style!

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Responding to your emails….

more caps….

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Speaking  Spanking!

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Bye Bye August

what a lovely end….

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Checking in with Lausboy

This naughty german is still pumping out hot spanking action. Check out his sites:

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A special guest is attending ShadowLane’s party this year….Strict Jane. She surfaced again and we spoke. She wanted me to sneak away to the desert for the event, but I can’t. So instead of spanking me she has plenty of lap time available to spank you…..


Be part of the best attraction in Vegas by enjoying the wonderful view…over her knee. Go here to make an appointment and get to feel a little desert heat on your seat! (or click on the photo above)

Let me know Andy sent you!

Let me know Andy sent you!

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