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The Spanking Party Girls

I just checked out some clips from this very fun new site called, “The Spanking Party Girls” and now I have a chance to talk with one of the creators, and actors, Josh Day. He is a spanking star and now producer who I’ve had the privilege to interview in the past.

 Hi Josh, You are breaking onto a very crowded spanking clip scene, tell me what your goal is and how you are different?
We are trying to produce traditional spanking scenes with a lighter touch than some of the other F/M sites out there.  Role play scenarios, bring in a bit of the embarrassment aspect of a man having to submit to an OTK spanking.  Our fans probably won’t see any severe bruising, just a nice red bottom and a bruised ego!
Your main focus is F/m right?
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Something Burning? Oh Yeah, it’s FryDay!

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Ask Andy – The IOD

I received a few like this:

Your blog roll sucks. Are you not visiting other sites? 

Besides your blog I don’t have too many spanking links I use. Your list is a bit out dated?

What site has the hottest women that really know how to spank? Asking for a friend!

Bam, don’t hold back! Fine, I have been awful at keeping up to date with them. I do check out a few of them regularly. Like monthly. If y’all have favorites let me know and I’ll add them. As far as best women it’s from the folks over at Institute of Discipline. Katie and Peter find the most scrumptious ladies and most of them offer real sessions. I’d love to interview them all, and trust me I’ve reached out.

I’d especially love to hear from these three!

So IOD mistresses, if you see this and want to promote your pimp hands contact me. My email is on this post!

There are two links for them:

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Humps on Hump Day

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Pick Em By Request

for Ferdie and all you others who feel like playing again. Remember you spank one and the other two spank you. Choose!

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Monday Blues? Black and Blues!

After she’s done with you!

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