Good Bye September

this year has flown by. Let’s salute the “end” of  month 9.

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In and Out

for the next couple of weeks. Sophie will keep the site up and posting.


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Arizona’s About To Get A Little Warmer

Hi Elizabeth I hear you are going to Arizona soon to spank some naughty bottoms?


Yes, if you would list my dates in AZ, that would be great!  I will be in Flagstaff 11-6 through 11-8 and then in Tucson 11-9 through 11-11. Book now, lap time is going fast.

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Dear Ms. Marwood – Social Behavior

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Dear Ms. Marwood

You seem to tackle real world spanking questions. So I’m going to ask: in your opinion what role does spanking or corporal punishment play, if any, in the development of deviant social behaviors later in life? Is there a link between physically disciplined children and larger social problems, or criminal activity/predisposition?


Dear Sophie,

I am not a licensed psychologist or a sociologist. I couldn’t possibly know the answer to your question.  There is evidence to indicate that child abuse can have damaging psychological effects that could result in negative developmental scars on a psyche, young or old, but there are many incidents where a child triumphs over this  kind of adversity and lives a productive life. So you’d be better served to do some research on this subject and find some experts who can provide actual facts and answers.

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So You’ll Be In Dubai

Oct 7 – 15 and you need a little discipline? You are in luck. Ms. Weltsova will be there to hand deliver your punishment. Give her a shout now. Sessions are going fast.


I am Eastern European based in NY and have a panache and style that is sophisticated and to quote Mistress Review:

“A stylish black-haired beauty with an exotic accent, Mrs. Weltsova is quiet, imperious and cool, even cold upon meeting…”–Weltsova~54532.html

Regarding compatible BDSM interests: as I advise on my Sessions page: “If unsure always ask, do not assume anything”

CP specialties:
Light to judicial (and all in between) Canes, French Martinet, Scottish tawse, belts, straps and whips (single tail), face slapping.
Punishment scenes.
Role play.

Humiliation. Objectification-human furniture, slave position training

Torture: CBT/ NT. Sensory deprivation. Mild bondage and restraints.

Transformation/ Petticoating. Maid and house serving. 

Fetishes: Foot/ heel worship. Nylons, pantyhose. Leather, latex, silk. Corsets.

Slavery: Power exchange. Tied and Teased. Orgasm control.

All bookings require advance deposit as a form of confirmation. 

Email your enquiries as early as possible at

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Required Reading

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Meet Miss Rodriquez

You have beautifully long legs, how long have you been draping naughty bottoms over them?
Thank you for your kind comments. In the reality, it all started about three years ago but in my dreams I have been doing this far longer (hence the endless number of ideas and scenarios I have in my head).
When did you first know you liked spanking?

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