Vintage February

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Oh yes, you are getting a spanking…

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My New Favorite Couple—Preface

I don’t usually send backstory with any upcoming interviews. This one is special. You will meet, Twinkle and Ann!

Okay, I get lots of email. I appreciate all of it, the photo’s,the comments,and the support. Recently, I heard from Twinkle. Yes, Twinkle is a man, it’s his nom de plume, and it’s a great story. He is a professional man with a spanking passion. Sound familiar? He sent me these caps…..of a model named Alicia.

Then, and this really caught my attention, he said his wife resembles Alicia and sent this pic of his dominant wife.

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Hurry Up, It’s a School Day….

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Read me…

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Play Time….

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Clean the Slate Fry day

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