Macie’s Mom – She’s Got It Going On…

Sorry, I think of Stacie’s Mom every time. The song? No? Rachel Hunter? Worth a view sometime. Anyway, it’s great to finally catch up with Macie’s mom. Two women that spank. Alright Macie’s mom can I call you by your first name?
You may call me Ms. B. 

Mrs. B and Macie


Hm, I think I like Macie’s mom more. So let me get this straight it was your daughter who got you into professional spanking?  That’s different. I think we need all the details?

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OTK Day – My Temperature’s Rising

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Series Three…

many of you like the captions under the photo’s. Others want true caps on the photo’s? Talk to me…

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Tushie Day

This gallery contains 6 photos.

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By Popular Demand – Post Christmas Spot The Differences

Great response for the first Spot The Differences, so we will run it again. If you want more please let me know. There are Five differences in the two photo’s can you find them?

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Most People Hate Mondays – I Love Them

when I wake to find these ladies wanting to spank me.

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OPC Other People’s Caps-LurkingCol

These are pretty fun. He uses celebs in many and has some interesting messages. Yes?

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