And Victoria Kay takes on The West Coast

Sun, Surf and Spanking…enjoy a bit of your spring break over this lap.


San Diego date set. April 5th through 8th. Tell her Andy sent ya!

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Miss Rattan Kicking Up Her Heels in NYC

And spanking naughty bottoms over her lap. Her New York dates are march 29th till April 2. You’d be a Fool (Apr 1) not to see her.

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Dear Ms. Marwood Back In My Day

Dear Ms. Marwood,

I’m sorry but kids in my generation were much better behaved than the kids (and a lot of adults) today. I do believe you’ve been a vocal opponent against spanking kids, and corporal punishment in schools. But with the state of affairs these days, how rude people are, and disrespectful, don’t you think stronger discipline is needed on the young? I think the lack of it has contributed mightily to the mess we are in as a society.

Dear Anne,
I do agree that kids are growing up like a bunch of barbarians at times. I never saw the rudeness and apathy in people working at service positions when I was growing up. My friend is a college professor and she tells me that most of her students feel entitled to top grades, even though  they, often, can barely read, have poor reasoning and critical thinking skills and can’t seem to think for themselves.   
I suspect these problems are more a result of lack of parental involvement than in restraining  from corporal discipline as a method of behavior modification.  I don’t know that spanking the rudeness out of children would have any long lasting effect on disaffected young people. What they need is parents who spend time with them and relate to them as human beings with curiosity about who their children “are” and nurturing that, as well as setting consistent boundaries.  Unfortunately, nowadays, most households consist of two parents working, and it’s very hard for hardworking parents to devote the same kind of time and attention to raising children that was possible one or two generations ago. So… parental attention gets replaced, very often, with screens.
I think young people lack the depth of connection — and, therefore, empathy — that older generations developed. Whereas my contemporaries and I had to actually talk to family and friends, the proliferation of interactive gadgets and social media have become the mode of communication and our kids have grown up thinking that being one or two steps removed from one another is the norm.   When you have a real life conversation with someone there is a visceral level of connection that isn’t established via text or email, or picture stories. No matter how many thoughts you post on Facebook and how many “likes” you get, that is not the same as connecting with people. Many millennials report that they feel less compelled to   speak to their families very often since they can keep them updated on their lives via Facebook. This can only foment a culture that dwells in their heads, with less concern or perspective into and toward one another.  

So, I don’t think  a spanking is an improvement over actual one-on-one attention and communication with our kids. 
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You’re Asking For It

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Testing Continues

but for now Sunday is for captions.

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Ah Kendal!

Okay, this is how people want me start: Where are you located and how do we get in touch with you?

I’m based in South Staffordshire and have my own private playroom, easily reachable from Birmingham. The best way to contact me is via email initially on – all emails are answered by me personally and phone calls are arranged to discuss specifics.

Please check out my site or friend me on twitter too:

Twitter: @Miss_KendalUK

When did you know you loved spanking?

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St. Patrick’s Day or St. Paddle’s Day

since it falls on a Fryday!

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