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Hi Andrew

Hope you’re well. Just checking to thank you and your fans for checking out our books.
Also, we have another new release, something a little different – may be of interest to you?

Marquis De Sade

Marquis De Sade has shocked for generations, was sentenced to death, his books were censored, artists, authors as well as psychologists have dealt with his work. De Sade writings became the symbol of the forbidden worldwide – perversion personified. Now, for the first time, Goliath Books presents a unique text-free collection of all erotic illustrations of De Sade’s works, published as a beautiful hardcover book.

Marquis de Sade – 100 Erotic Illustrations

€ 24.99-22.99 GBP- 34.99 USD

Everyone knows what sadism is, but nobody chooses to read De Sade. Nor must they, as we have now taken the collected graphics from 4000 book pages, and put them together without the text…

In France at the end of the eighteenth century, Donatien Alphonse François, Marquis de Sade, hired an artist to illustrate his collected writings. This edition, published in 1797, contained 101 copper engravings with sex scenes, most of them of a sadomasochistic leaning. At the time, such “cochonneries” (obscenities) brought one directly into a dungeon. For this reason, most artists in the erotic genre remained anonymous, something which makes it difficult today to ascribe authorship.

The Marquis de Sade, born in Paris in 1740, a relative of the French royal family, is known to this day as perversion personified. He grew up in the care of an uncle, and became an officer in the carabineer regiment. After fighting in the Seven Years’ War, however, he radically changed his lifestyle, and the Marquis quickly squandered his entire fortune in gambling rooms and on mistresses. His parents then married him to a wealthy woman, but this did nothing to hold him back from various extramarital relationships.

De Sade associated with prostitutes, and is also said not only to have regularly compelled servants and maids to perform sexual acts, but – even worse at that time – also “blasphemous” acts. It was because of this lifestyle change, officially labelled “lewd”, that in 1765 he was imprisoned for the first time. Unrepentant, though, afterwards he continued to throw orgies. He did not always invite people to this orgies, instead at times taking advantage of his social position to force them to parti­cipate. In 1768 he was denounced for the serious abuse and whipping of a lady, but was able to avoid a trial by paying an indemnity.

Following this, two prostitutes made the allegation that De Sade had used an aphrodisiac to make them compliant for group sex and anal intercourse. This time the Marquis had to flee – he hastened away to Italy, taking his young sister-in-law with him. He was sentenced to death in his absence. In 1777 he returned to Paris and was arrested, though his death sentence was reduced to life imprisonment. It was during his incarceration that he wrote the most part of his works. Knowing how offensive his writings were to both the moral and religious norms of the times, he attempted not to draw attention to himself through high paper use, and wrote everything in tiny handwriting. In 1789, with the storming of the Bastille, De Sade was freed, but many of his writings were destroyed in the revolutionary turmoil.

As a noble person, De Sade was unwilling to adapt to the social changes of the revolution, and was incarcerated once again and for the second time sentenced to death. As a result of Robespierre’s fall in 1794, however, he escaped the guillotine, and finally came free from prison, only to be sent a short time later to a lunatic asylum because of his debts and a lawsuit. The diagnosis was “insanely obsessed with vice”. His death in 1814, at least, was “natural” by the standards of his time.

The Marquis de Sade’s writings have since experienced a great deal: they have been forbidden, burnt, banned, censored, and interpreted by notable psychologists and writers. This is not surprising since they are complex, contain shocking scenes between all genders, as well as humiliation, sodomy, incest and murder, hemmed with moral-philosophical discussions, anti-clericalism and justifications for (his) radical egoism. In the age of YouPorn, however, De Sade’s scandalous writings are far below the arousal threshold that their image would lead us to assume.


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Last Minute Shopping Gifts

I wanted my pal Lucy to tell you all about her new clip store. She’s been working her crimson bare bottom off to bring you some great video’s. Buy a few for Xmas, or anytime.


Hello Andy,
I hope you are well. You asked me to tell you something about my clips stores, I am really happy to tell you much more BUT you need to correct my mistakes, ok? If not then you really must come to the UK! I will work on your bottom with something nasty, for example with a bathbrush.
Well, I would say I made a big progress since last year. Of course, my best friend Asa Jones helped me a lot. I shoot with him. We did a few clips together and we will do more in future and he introduced me to Roy Tersley and to a guy who produces spanking implements.

Naughty Lucy meets Samantha.

As you know from the last year, I started being in clips and was totally hooked. However, I did not have a camera which I bought in June but it was broken 2 months after it, so I bought a mobile phone with a large storage and a good resolution for mobile phone and a very long life battery which is in making clips crucial too, especially if you have a filming day. Now I am buying implements as I am thinking of becoming a spanking therapist. Once, I make a bit money, I want definitely to buy a 4K camera which is nowadays the best and am sure it also then helps with clips selling. I also realized how much lighting is important. I bought 3 lights but they all need a power so without a power it is always a problem especially in a dark environment. (if any of your fans want to help me purchase the camera or gear please have them contact me)
Anyway, I have opened a few clips stores and also an onlyfans account.
There are teasers of clips which are on my clips for sale: (The clip store we cant mention)/studio/141851/lucy-into-spanking
but also lotions clips, showing my fans new implements, sometimes behind scenes clips and lots of stills. I do update my onlyfans accounts regularly, every day, in fact.
I have invested lots of time in finding people who would play and film with me. I am a big admirer of Miss Scarlet who is a well known disciplinarian and known as Mistress Scarlet, her twitter account is here: but I think you should definitely visit her web:

Mistress Scarlet

I was very lucky indeed to meet her! Basically, in May 2019 I emailed Miss Scarlet after I saw her advert offering spanking service on ITC telling her about my spanking and filming love and also telling her that my face cannot be shown. I was surprised that after that we arranged a meeting in one coffee shop in Glasgow and we both got a feeling it could work so we started filming together. I do remember our first meeting very well, it was one day after my birthday. Meeting Miss Scarlet was definitely one of the best thing in my life. She is beautiful, friendly but also very strict. When she has a cane you know that it will be no funishment but a real punishment. She always knows what to say and her roleplay is the best! Basically, I would believe her she is a strict Head Teacher or a Warden. Miss Scarlet has a deep and great immagination. You can really feel she is a good human being and this is always important  if you know you will be punished. With her, you can be sure you are in a safe but also strict hands.
We filmed together 7 times and each filming took around 2 hours. I also had great luck meeting Emma with whom I film regularly in Asa’s Jones studio, do you remember? Once we also filmed with Melanie who is very well known and she films regularly with Miss Svensons. I think you did with all my friends an interview, am I right? With Miss Scarlet, Asa Jones, Emma and Melanie?
One week ago, I met Miss Scott and we filmed with her and Emma in Chesterfield at Asa’s Jones studio again. Some stills are available on and full clips on (The clip store we cant mention)/studio/141851/lucy-into-spanking and they will be also available on and on
I am trying to upload all my stores but it is time consuming. I am also thinking of opening a membership area on (The clip store we cant mention).

Do you have any questions? If so, please just ask! Thank you. And I wish everyone Season’s Beatings.

Write me if you want to end up on my naughty list.

Buy my clips: https://(The clip store we cant mention)/studio/141851/lucy-into-spanking
Interview with me:




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Monday Spankings Are Better Than Coffee

This gallery contains 6 photos.

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Sunday Fun

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Goddess Soria Makes Your Bottom Sore-ia.

Ugh, that title was bad. But the interview is stellar. And I probably went on too long. (or did I?) Anyway meet the talented and lovely Soria.

Are you a spanko?
Oh yes, through and through. I love spanking!
How old were you when you realized spanking excited you?
I’ve been into BDSM, particularly impact play for as long as I can remember. It wasn’t until I started practicing BDSM that I was particularly taken by spanking, and have loved it ever since.
Do you remember what sparked it? Movie? book ?see someone spanked?
Honestly I cannot remember, I’ve always been kinky. Watching eurotrash as a kid probably didn’t help.

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Series Two – Counts as a FryDay!

A few of you liked this, so we’ll try again. Let me know your thoughts.

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More Georgia

Okay I’ll admit I was late posting today, but I have to ask you, did I lack effort with this one? Georgia thinks I did and she says it’s landing me on her naughty list. I don’t even know what a naughty list is, being the angel that I am.


So we are double posting her party. It’s time to be festive and take a much needed trip – over her lap, and erase your name from that aforementioned list.  And I have to ask:


Some lap right?! Anyway it sounds like a fun time and a downtown LA party at the Chi Temple. Probably a lot of laps to fall over?

Again the date is:

December 14th, 6:30PM

contact Georgia now, or else I’m in trouble.

M. Georgia Payne
Facebook for Kinksters:
Twitter:  @Georgia_Payne01
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