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Ms. Marwood Will Be Back

I’ve gotten your emails, and a reminder, so fret not, Ms. Marwood will be back. Send spanking questions for her to me:

Andrew, where is my column?

Until then let’s enjoy her photo’s again. She is available for more than advice…..!

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Tea Time and Spankings – Jane’s In England

Hi Andy,

London is awesome. Please post the following, thanks!!!! 

I’m having a glorious time in the unusually warm London sunshine. I’m never far from my implements and several naughty English bottoms have met with them already. A rosy bloom on pale English skin is intoxicating. I have the week ahead to squeeze in a few more miscreants – until July 1st. To those who are reading this in the UK…come to me in central London for a disciplinary thrashing!
Emails are preferred:
With warm regards,
Strict Jane

Accountability Hurts!
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Read ‘Em and Weep


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Samantha Proves You are never too old….

Hi Samantha, there is so much to learn about you. Ready to talk spanking?


So the rule is “you are never too old for a spanking….or to give one…I don’t usually ask a woman’s age, but I must this time, how old are you?

Andy… I’m sure your mother taught you that it’s impolite to ask a woman her age… Are you cruising for a spanking, hmmm?

I’m always cruising for one!

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Getting Warm Up In Here


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Love the Oldies

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