Gulp! 4 coming to a Naughty Bottom Soon.

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Put on your reading glasses….

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Spanks-giving Tune Up

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I could use a little practice

why don’t you get over my lap…..

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Feel the Wood. Jessica Wood

Here is an interview with Miss Jessica that happened for my former blog….before Google shut it down. I may have a few to re-post. Let’s start here:

Hi it’s a pleasure to speak with you. I’ve enjoyed your work for a while and may have imagined myself over your lap once or twice….How did you get into the spanking profession?

jess int1

I started off by working for a website called after they emailed me via another site.  It was then after my videos and photos went up that I was asked to do some private sessions and then it snow-balled from there.

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Morning Spankings….a great way to start the day

Better than coffee for me!

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Vintage fulfilled

had more requests for these old tyme photo’s. New visitors are combing my site….welcome!

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