You have no choice

You are getting a spanking from us. But you can choose who’s lap you want to go over first!

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See Prim and get a Proper Spanking

Just received this note from one of the strict women who keep in touch. Thought I’d pas it on:


Many naughty boys and girls have often expressed a wish that my stern demeanour and hard hand could be found in a more central, convenient location. Well, you’re in luck! On the last Friday of every month, beginning in August, I intend to work with the delightful Miss Elsa Svenson, in South East London. You may well already be familiar with Miss Svenson’s work: if not, I urge you to take a look at her clips, at She is a strict, no-nonsense Scandinavian blonde, very experienced; in addition, she spanks and canes left-handed, so that together we make an absolutely formidable pair. Do you crave some thorough-going discipline? From your form tutor and headmistress, perhaps, or your mother and aunt? The possibilities are endless, and we will be delighted to explore them with you, for just £150 per hour.

We anticipate that these sessions will be very much in demand, so do book early. You won’t regret it.

Or, indeed, forget it.


Cecilia Prim

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Lina’s Revenge

You don’t think she’d take a spanking without being able to respond do you?

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Another new week?

Let’s hop to it!

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Throwback Sunday

Great Vintage photo’s…..

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Let’s talk about your weekend chores

they start here:

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Another Rousing Fry-Day!

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