Good Fryday? Great Friday

Let’s celebrate by seeing some naughty women take a little heat from strict mom’s, bosses, and friends….

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Most of ya’ll didn’t

dig far enough into the Miley Post to see this:



Shame on you!

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Want to see Miss Terese? You bet!!!!

In a post in February, Miss Terese informed us about a bet she made on the Superbowl.  The wager: she wins a lobster a dinner or she gets a spanking. Sadly for us she took the Seahawks, and just recently collected on her bet.

Not exactly the lobster red we wanted to see. Lovely lap though.

Not exactly the lobster red we wanted to see. Lovely lap though.

However, she did bet yours truly on the NCAA tournament’s final game. She took Kentucky, I had UConn. The wager: loser gets spanked!

Thanks Shabazz!

Thanks Shabazz!

Don’t know if we’ll ever get this one paid off….but I can dream can’t I?

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Let’s get toasty….

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Katy Perry Threatens to Give Miley Cyrus the “BIGGEST Spanking” After John Mayer Kiss Diss

Well, this is just getting more entertaining by the minute.
While it was just last month that Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry were snapped sharing an innocent smooch during the 21-year-old pop star’s recent Bangerz concert in Los Angeles, it seems that the twosome have since engaged in an, er, friendly Twitter feud, with the “Fireworks” singer most recently telling Cyrus she’s going to give her the “BIGGEST spanking.”
So what happened?! Well, first, let’s backtrack.
After the two kissed mid-concert in the middle of Cyrus’ hit song “Adore You,” the “Roar” singer was asked about their lip-lock earlier this week while promoting her upcoming tour during an appearance on the Australian talk show Sunrise.
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You want me to spank you?

Sounds entertaining!


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Aren’t they fun

you know they are!

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