This One’s Important Too (Two)-NuWest Trail is Over

 Your court case with NuWest/Leda is over. Want to tell us about it?
Sure, I’m glad to.  Dustin XXXXXX, a worker on our horse ranch, inherited the business, per the terms of David’s Trust.  Although David had wanted to change that, he died before the attorney could meet with us.  When that happened, I made good on my promise to David (Ed Lee) to step in as CFO.

While I held that position, Dustin did nothing except drain a lot of cash from the corporation. He had no experience, interest, or even the motivation to do what it takes to run a business. On top of that, he was never even into our scene, so you can imagine what an uphill battle I was fighting.  His exact words were “…I just want to get rich and live like the Kardashians!..” Ultimately, his greed got the better of him, and he foolishly decided to try to do it on his own. He was influenced by his wife Cristina, (someone whom David had gone out of his way to help gain U.S. citizenship) another former employee, Leland “Brock” XXXXX, and the former Leda model, Venita XXXXX, aka Vanna. David had gotten rid of Brock at least a decade earlier, and he’d also permanently banished “Vanna” for her continued use of methamphetamines. These collective mental midgets put their pointy little heads together and with the help of attorneys Amy & Kevin Nett, Dustin launched a poorly researched lawsuit against me. I was literally blindsided, and believe me, that rarely happens. The accusations were so outrageous, it would have been laughable, if not so infuriating. This all began at the end of 2013, and by October 2014, Dustin had parted ways with his lawyers, likely due to unpaid legal bills. With and without his attorneys, Dustin did everything possible to keep dragging it on but finally just last month (Feb 9) after countless delays and irrefutable evidence which proved Dustin not only wrong, but a liar, it all came to an end. His case was dismissed with prejudice, which means he can never file another suit like this against me.  I was listed as the prevailing party in all actions, and I’m able to sue him if I wish to. David would want me to go after him for all he’s worth, but to tell you the truth, I just never want to see his face again.  Besides, he’s got little if anything left of any value. The court imposed monetary sanctions against him, and he was ordered to return personal property which he stole from our home. Here’s the kicker:  Dustin actually asked if I’d come back to run the company for him!  Not once, but three times.  Yeah… like that’d ever happen!  Guess he finally figured out what a huge mistake he’d made, but after what he did to David’s legacy, the only thing I want to do with him is to string him up and flay the skin off his back!

What does this mean going forward? Is NuWest done?
The truth of the matter is that NWL is virtually worthless now. Dustin accused me of somehow finding and destroying decades’ worth of model releases, all while I was caring for David 24/7.  Ridiculous, especially because I knew I never signed releases, and found out that some of the other longtime LEDA Ladies rarely did, either. Jodi, Karen, and Jacque were just a few. However, the releases are required under Federal pornography laws, so by his own actions, Dustin has now put himself on the hot seat. Sadly, one customer already encountered serious legal problems when entering the UK with one of our videos on his laptop, and when the required releases could not be produced, he was actually held in custody pending trial. His situation didn’t end well, and theoretically this could happen to anyone in possession of NWL videos, because of the rightfully stringent laws against child pornography. While David never used underage models, you must be able to prove it. Dustin’s website claims he has the required releases, but that’s completely false.  I do know that he’s shot four new releases with that washed up old has-been, “Vanna,” and I assume he was smart enough to comply with the law for his new “creative endeavors.” But anything before that… could cost him big time.  Additionally, as we’ve all seen here on your blog, one customer after another reports problems such as paying but not getting their downloads or receiving blank DVD’s. To add insult to injury, people haven’t even been able to get a response from the company.  He’s scrambling now, trying to reinvent himself and magically become what he needs to be, but he doesn’t know or care enough.  He just wants money.  So, yes… I think Nu-West/LEDA is done. At the very least, the NWL that David created, is now a thing of the past.  It’s a free country, but with so many legitimate and REAL spanking companies, why would anyone want to do business with a fake one?

I’m sure you’ve had time to reflect on the company, on David, and what you two built together. How tough has that been?
It’s been really difficult to watch David’s legacy be tarnished if not destroyed, especially for no reason other than the greed of one ungrateful and undeserving individual. I really can’t put into words how saddened I am that I was unable to prevent this. Even though I tried, I feel as though I let David down.

You didn’t. You fought. We know you loved him and cherished his legacy. Did you get enough time to grieve before being slapped with the lawsuit?

Although this is an intensely private matter, it deserves to be answered. No, not at all. Within 24 hours of David’s death, I had to immediately focus on the business.  I gave it 110% and then, all of a sudden, I was being sued. I never had the luxury of truly coping with my own personal loss. I still haven’t, but I’ll get there. There were so many things that we kept private, just between the two of us, the things that make up a marriage and a relationship. We could be fire and ice together sometimes, but  the love we shared was indestructible. I want to dwell on those happy memories, reflect on all the years we shared. Kind of funny that David was an avowed atheist, yet I like to think that he’s up there…out there.  I “talk” to him almost every day. 

Your victory, though costly, is sweet. You had a lot of vocal and non vocal supporters all through the spanking community. Did that help?
Absolutely, without a doubt.  It’s really been a primary source of strength for me.  Far too many names to list here, but you all know who you are. Without the outpouring of love and support, I’m not sure I’d have made it through this nightmare.  I can never thank everyone enough, and that includes you, Andy. By reaching out to me and allowing your blog to be a sort of clearing house for readers’ comments, you gave me a valuable gift. I owe such a debt of gratitude to so many wonderful supporters. I only hope that you all know how much appreciative I am.

Hopefully they will show you more love after this post. What will you do now?

That’s a great question. For at least the next several months, I’ll be busy trying to deal with all the other areas of the Trust that had to be put on the back burner because of the litigation. This is challenging, largely due to many mysteriously missing documents, files, etc. and also because it cost a great deal of money to fight Dustin’s lawsuit. It’s all going to take time and money, but I’ll figure it out and eventually… get back to having a real life again.

 You wouldn’t retire your hairbrush would you?

Is that a challenge, young man?  <wicked grin> No…that’s highly unlikely. Going through all of this hasn’t weakened me, it’s actually strengthened me. I do want to have more time with the horses, but they’re all reasonably well-behaved. The way I see it, there is never a lack of naughty boys (and girls) who deserve a trip across my lap, so… I’ll be back.  🙂 

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57 Responses to This One’s Important Too (Two)-NuWest Trail is Over

  1. David says:

    What a lovely woman

  2. Mike says:

    Your interview was an eye opener. I never knew history or background of this company. I loved their videos. I’ll pray for Deb and her future. I’m glad to hear that she isn’t finished. She was always a fantasy of mine to be one of her “bad boys” that she spanked. I wish her all the best and thank you Andy like she said for posting all this.

    • Debra Neilson says:

      Hi Mike,
      Andy does such an amazing job of keeping us all informed about what’s happening in our scene, and is soooo deserving of our recognition and praise.

      Thank you for your comments about the interview, I cannot say it enough; the support I’ve received from fans and peers has been a constant source of strength!

      Meanwhile, Mike…never stop wishing, just be careful what you wish for!


  3. helixtwice says:

    What a shame that such a unique vision was spoiled by a greedy little schmuck! Obviously Deb has a strength that is amazing! I wish her all the best!

    • Debra Neilson says:

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, and yes, it is a shame, and so unnecessary. In any event, “the greedy little schmuck” now has to live with what he put into motion. The strength I’ve displayed has been undeniably fueled by fans like you… 🙂

  4. nawteeboy4u says:

    Thanks for posting this interview. A shame to see what happened to NWL, and yes Debra was a fantasy of mine in the day when NWL was on top. Looking forward to seeing her new endeavors ….. and I can still fantasize right?

  5. Eve Howard says:

    Dave (aka Ed Lee) called me a few months before he died one morning out of the blue. I didn’t realize at the time that it was going to be our last conversation. Naturally, being Dave, he didn’t allude to the fact that he was terminally ill, which was also true at the point when I last visited him, on the previous June. The last thing Dave would have wanted was sympathy, so only his closest handful of companions ever knew that he was on his way out for the last few years of his life. Debra called me the day after Dave died and told me the whole story of his illness and how she was with him the 24/7 the last few months of his life, taking loving care for him up at his beloved Anza, so he could be comfortable and at ease with his animals and all of the surroundings he had fashioned for his chosen life off the grid. Bone cancer is a horrible way to go but of course Dave was never one to whine about difficulties. That last year or so of his life, Debra was there for him to make sure that everything was as he would have wanted it to be, including managing the business. She saw him out, was literally with him when he died, giving him comfort and love. She epitomizes what a wife and a friend should be all in one, putting aside past hurts and distresses and coming to the rescue at the end to do what no else could have done. Dave wasn’t the kind of person who could have tolerated just anyone around him. He chose his friends with infinite care. She was there for him. She’s a magnificent woman, a fine woman, in the old fashioned sense of the world. And after all that she had to put up with this lawsuit bullshit, on top of the mountain of paperwork she undertook to smoothly transfer control of the company to Dustin. She’s still dealing with the aftermath of all of this and will probably be doing so for years. It’s cost her a fortune, not to mention the energy involved. That doesn’t seem fair.
    Debra, we love you. Long live Debra in health and happiness.

    • Debra Neilson says:

      Eve, my friend…
      The long history and deep friendship you shared with David is evident in your post, even to those who weren’t already aware of it. I think you are the only living woman other than myself who truly understood who he was, what he was about, and accepted him for all that he was. Your unwavering support means such a great deal to me, I only hope I’ve expressed that during our talks. I know David would’ve loved reading what you wrote about both he and I. I admit that I had tears in my eyes, but to capture almost the very essence of what our relationship was, (love,marriage, divorce, friendship, love again/still) isn’t easily done. You pretty much did that. Thank you.

    • Barry says:

      Yes Debra. We love you.
      And we love Eve too!

  6. JT says:

    This is terrible she seems like such a good person. I wish her the best in her future. I do have a question…..I was a customer when david(ed) was still alive I have a few videos on my computer from the site….Is she saying I could get in trouble for this ? Wow I hope not that’s scary.

    • Debra Neilson says:

      Dear JT,
      The chances of you ever experiencing any repercussions from possessing the videos you already have are slim to none. If you tried to sell them, possibly. But you bought these before it came to light that the legal releases aren’t on file, so… don’t worry. Just keep enjoying them! 🙂

  7. No wonder the NuwestLeda website sucks! I wish I was financially well to do, so Debra and I could rebuild the company.

    • Debra Neilson says:

      Hi Ed,
      You’re right, it DOES suck, doesn’t it? If David were alive to see what embarrassment has come to the name NWL, well… let’s just say Dustin would’ve suffered some severe corporate discipline at the hands of yours’ truly. It’s sad that so much has been lost, but thanks a bunch for your kind thoughts.

  8. Phil says:

    Debra, I’m very sorry to hear what you have had to go through. Losing a loved one is hard enough without having to deal with that garbage as well. I hope that you are able to properly grieve now.

    Count me as one who always wanted to experience a trip over your knee, yet the thought is almost terrifying!

    • Debra Neilson says:


      Thank you for your words of support. Losing David was almost unbearable, and it’s true I still have a way to go in accepting his death. What is more important to me than any of this garbage that Dustin Deon created, or the lies posted above by his one apparent supporter…is that I was there with David, when it mattered most. I’m very fortunate to have decades worth of memories, but those last few months we shared are the ones that I’ll carry with me forever.


      PS: Being across my lap has been called terrifying…but isn’t that part of the experience?

      • Phil says:

        The last days and months are truly something to cherish. I’m happy for you that you were able to share that time.

        And yes Ma’am, being terrified about a spanking is definitely part of the experience! My bottom quivers just thinking about it. I hope your VERY capable lap and right arm resurface soon! 🙂

  9. Ed S says:

    When I first heard about Ed, I sent you an email offering my condolences. Sadden to hear what has happen to you and the company. I hope everything works out for you and your future endeavors. I hope you will keep us informed. I have a few videos with you in them and I will always treasure them.
    All my best.

    • Debra Neilson says:

      I received so many emails of condolence, I can’t remember all of them, but I did try to respond to each one. Hopefully, you got a reply from me at the time. If not, let me express my gratitude here and now. David (“Ed”) left behind many admirers, loyal fans all around the world. One doesn’t spend three decades in the scene without earning that, and despite the fact that NWL is now a disgrace to his memory, to the legacy that he so carefully crafted while doing what he loved, it doesn’t change my “mission” if you want to call it that. This whole conversational thread, starting with Andy’s original post way back when, isn’t about me. It’s about David, the work he produced and shared at a time when no one else dared to. It’s about his continued endeavor to create scenarios that would resonate with our fellow CP aficionados and customers. David was never afraid of competition, once it did appear after the pornography laws were changed. In fact, he encouraged it. My goal is only to diminish the tarnish caused by a very selfish and hateful young man, who spit in the face of David’s memory. Beyond that, I haven’t yet decided whether or not I’ll return to the scene in a professional way. But I am truly very appreciative for all the support I’ve received here.

      Thank you,

  10. Jack Lach says:

    I was very sorry to hear of Ed’s passing. He was a true innovator. I had no idea what you were going through, and continue to admire you even more after listening to your story. May the sun shine on your future endeavors and warm and heal your heart with time.

    • Debra Neilson says:

      Dear Jack,
      Many sincere thanks for your condolences. It can be so difficult to find the right words to express oneself, but yours truly hit the mark. “Ed” (David) would’ve appreciated your reference to him being innovative. That, he most certainly was!

      Again, thank you for taking the time to write, and for all your very kind comments.

  11. franzcoughka says:

    I’m really happy to hear that good won out in the courts. There are just too many greedy, stupid people in this world with no integrity. It’s sad what has become of NWL, but fortunately the art lives on in what was produced. I still enjoy many scenes, and Ms Neilson, you are a fantasy come true. I offer my condolences for your loss and everything negative you’ve been through, and I wish you the very best in the future.

    • Debra Neilson says:

      Dear Franz, (hope I got that right?)

      It seems I keep saying “thank you” over and over again, but it’s the truth. The ongoing support, the concern and caring, and the understanding of yourself and so many others makes this whole hard-fought battle worthwhile. So I DO thank you. 🙂


  12. Wallace says:

    Debra, thank you so much for sharing this story. I’m sure many of us out here in cyber land, who were devoted followers of the NWL, did not understand the facts of what actually happened to our favourite site. My interest goes way back to the paper days of the Ledagram, and those early publications right up to the dvd’s and downloads were (and remain) the best of the best. David (Ed/Leon) must have been a visionary to produce such quality on a consistent and ongoing basis. It is indeed a sad end, but we truly appreciate the gift that was bestowed upon us through NWL. Debra, you should be proud of what was accomplished and especially for the brave way you fought to keep David’s legacy from being tarnished. I wish you peace and success in whatever you turn to next, and thank you for all you’ve done. Thanks to Andy for this valuable information and the opportunity to leave a comment.

    • Debra Neilson says:

      Dear Wallace,
      It was my pleasure to respond to the opportunity provided by Andy to inform all of you exactly what has happened to NWL. Thank you for your comments about David’s talent and commitment, and your kind words to myself, as well. And as always, to Andy… for providing the forum where we are able to exchange information and most definitely for the support he and all of you have provided. There are only so many words with which to express my appreciation, I’m afraid I’ve probably already used them all. Nevertheless…many thanks for years of patronage, support, and for enjoying the ride with us while it lasted! 🙂

  13. Ralph says:

    David was a true hero. For, he had the courage to create something great, before it was either safe or fashionable to do so. He took a stand and committed to something on the edge and he put his all on the line. And, it is clear, Debra, that he was most fortunate to have your wonderful and great support, not just at the end, but throughout the years. So I thank him and, by extension, I THANK YOU for your participation in the creation from his vision. Merely a fan who spent many years enjoying the results of what was, for David and, I suspect,for you, the fruits of a labor of love. Many have, and will continue to feel his loss, but the memories will remain timeless for those of us who were around at the start of it all. My Love goes out to you… and mysupport for whatever you choose to take on next in your life.

    Thank you.

    • Daniel says:

      I have not had the time to follow the spanking scene ot this case due to all my time being spent studying. I do however hold NWL as my favourite producer of spanking videos ever. As everyone all comments here above mine I offer my condolences and my thanks to both you Debra and David. As I already mentioned I have not followed the case and I am sure an answer to my following question probably exists somewhere on this blog so forgive me for asking it anyway:

      What will happen to all the fine videos produced by NWL now?

      • Debra Neilson says:

        Dear Daniel,
        Whatever you’re studying, it sounds like you have a full plate, so thanks very much for taking the time to write. To answer your question about what happens now to the collection of videos (including those already released as well as those never edited or released) that were filmed during David’s lifetime; They are in the possession of Dustin Deon, the former employee who owns what is left of Neilson Inc., dba NWL. These continue to be sold through (the barely recognizable and highly amateurish) website. However, because there are no model releases on file as required by Federal pornography laws, sale of these videos are technically not legal, and as such, may be confiscated if Federal authorities decide to enforce the statute. It’s beyond unfortunate that such a great body of work has been subjected to decimation as a result of the actions of one man. You may thank Mr. Dustin Deon for exhibiting his complete lack of business acumen in general, as well as non-existent loyalty to the man who provided him with endless opportunities, and ultimately… for parlaying his greed into the destruction of Nu-West/LEDA. Do I think that he will continue to sell both David’s authentic videos as well as his own pathetic attempts at recreating anything even close to the real thing? Absolutely, he’s doing it right now. Will some customers both old and new continue to order from him? Undoubtedly so. It’s up to individual consumers to decide if they want to do business with an imposter who neither relates to nor understands our scene. I, for one, would never give money to someone who calls us “weird” and “freaks”. Thankfully, that’s the stand that the vast majority of NWL customers have taken. With many other legitimate companies catering to our preferences, why take chances?
        Best of luck with your studies!

    • Debra Neilson says:

      Dear Ralph,
      Once again I’m trying to find words to adequately express the gratitude I feel toward such a long-time and loyal fan. Your observations about David are spot on, he most definitely did take a stand in the face of archaic and tyrannical laws, and against those who would restrict free speech. Thank you for acknowledging this…it was by no means easy for him to do so, and in fact, required a significant amount of personal sacrifice. Despite the way things have ended up, I speak for both David and myself in offering our most sincere appreciation for years of loyalty and support.

      • Ralph says:

        Debra: Hugs to you. My words are the least acknowledgement I can muster in the face of what is now so… And your selection of words is perfect and communicates it all. I get it. 🙂

        My Best to you always, going forward.


  14. rosemary says:

    Now I know why my last order from nu-west was such a bust. I couldn’t believe that Ed’s site would have such poor customer service. It wasn’t. I’ve been a customer since Debbie and Angela were the stars. Rosemary”s photo was on the back cover of the little catalog. I had a 8mm silent film, an audio cassette, and ordered and enjoyed the historical whipping vids.

  15. Tom says:

    I am wondering, and hope I’m not offending you by asking, WHY David left Dustin in charge?
    It seems so strange.

  16. Charlie Harrison says:

    Would it be possible for you to buy out Dustin’s interest and then build up the company as your company? I don’t know how the numbers work out, but maybe the value of the company is so low now that it might be possible. Maybe if you wait, the value will go even lower. It would be great see you running it as yours, because you would be fantastic at it.

  17. Kerr says:

    I remember my sense of loss when I read that Ed Lee past away and then my growing bewilderment as to why NuWest/Leda was disappearing. It was NuWest/Shadow Lane that first taught me that CP was acceptable and a life affirming activity. While I don’t get the opportunity to “play” as much as I wish, the very fact that I know that there are people who do, because of NuWest, I am encouraged. When I can, I write and post CP stories at I mention this because I came across an entry where I learned it wasn’t generally know that the Scene, as we know it today, would not have existed without Ed Lee. He stood up, alongside the Hustler guy, when few would publicly support him and won despite President Regan’s judicial department best attempts. All of us, both in the business & personal sense, owe Lee for providing us with the opportunity to legally engage in consensual activity. I am sorry for your current troubles and I hope you take the spirit of NuWest/Leda into your own company where many more souls can be helped.

  18. Beltboy says:

    Dear Debra,

    You are very attractive. I wish I could submit to you Maam for a sound Thrashing .
    For years I’ve been a real fan of Newest Leda
    I wish you and other Leda Ladies could Spank,
    Whip my bottom do good like love done to so many bad girls. Hug kiss to you Ma’am

  19. Gary R says:

    I am really glad I finally saw this and read it. Dave/Ed was a pioneer in the spanking video business. And none of the rest of us would exist today without him. Fortunately, I was able to tell him that a few months before he passed away and he wrote me back very graciously. Debra, I do not know you but I’m certainly familiar with your work. Thank you for fighting the good fight. It sickens me to see so much of the NWL work floating around now on the file-sharing sites. I wrote to the company (now I know why I didn’t get an answer) offering to help get those videos removed when I saw them, just out of respect for Dave/Ed. Sincerely, Gary (

  20. Peter says:

    Ms Debra,
    Are You still in the spanking business!
    I just viewed some of your videos , all I can say is WOW.
    Where do You find guys who can take a caning like that!
    I am sure that I could not take that kind of punishment, its really HARD CORE!
    You and Jodi Cline really lay it on! 🙂

    All the best to You

  21. Ron Ingrasin says:

    Hello Debra

    I have been a long time fan of Nu West ever since its early days in 1984. I among many was saddened when David died. I was particularly a big fan of you and Jodi Cline, still am. Being a real life spankee, I have often wished that I was over your knees, or Jodi’s for a deserved spanking. You are a couragious woman who prevailed against those who seeked to destroy your reputation. If you would have been able to take over Nu West after your husband’s death, it would be alive today. I will miss it. I wish you all the best. If you ever come back to wield that brush, I would be honored to be the receipiant.



  22. Doogie says:

    Hi! Whatever happened to Tessara? She was such a bombshell and a really sound spanker! 🙂

  23. R Campbell says:

    It was a sad moment when I heard of the passing of Mr. Neilson. Now, having read this interview and comments about the tragic sabotage of a remarkable company, it is even more saddening and disturbing. Debra, my condolences to you for the loss of someone you clearly loved so much, and for the harsh turn of events which have robbed you of so much joy. Please find solace in the love and admiration that we all have for you. And yes, I would dearly love (and be terrified of) a trip across your lap. 🙂

  24. zalkatt says:

    Leda Nu- west we’re the first real honest the goodness spanking enthusiast. They had the most authentic implements I purchased quite a few. The hairbrush was the best. I still to this day have not found a comparable one. I only wish I had experienced a good sound spanking from one of the beautiful ladies of Nu-west Leda. I enjoyed every one of their periodicals. Those ladies and men were really getting spanked and good. The spankers were experts at giving them.

  25. Tosserina says:

    Y’all didn’t get releases signed, but are trying to sell someone else as ruining your company? Smells incredibly disingenuous.

    No matter, Nu-West was never that great and only got worse with that femdom garbage Leda started pumping out. It’s very clear more creative effort was put into those than any other content y’all produced. It really is a shame when people appeal to the lowest common denominator.

    Further, the number of times y’all try to sell things as real is way too frequent to ever be taken seriously.

    Y’all won’t be missed.

    • someonesandy says:

      I haven’t been on my blog the whole month. I’ll post your opinion. They were still one of the first in the biz catering to domestic discipline. I still enjoy many of their video’s.

  26. Tony says:

    Tosserina and his/her comments including the “Y’all” is aptly named. He/she’s a tosser. You should dump those rude remarks. And to Debra, keep going, you’re wonderful. Tosserina is not.

    • Tosserina says:

      If you’ve a problem with me, say it to me. Don’t act indignant over someone’s else’s opinion when you’re apparently a proponent of censorship. Nu-West is apparently dead now, or maybe the site moved. So it doesn’t really matter anyway.

      In the future, try to at least refute a single point if you’re going to call someone out personally.

  27. Thomas Braxton Bryant IV says:

    I wish I would have been around earlier as I have only seen what was certainly a fragment of the best organization out there.Please try to come back and make it happen again.I am not just saying that because I need you or Jodie to tear my bottom up,but because it was real.God Bless!

  28. johnny chatterly says:

    i realize this article and most of the comments are about six years old, but i hope fervently that Debra still is alerted to new comments that are made here. i hope so much that life has been kinder to You, Debra, as the years have gone by (and that You escaped Covid completely!). You certainly have gone through enough hell and deserve only happier years. i have always been amazed at Your command in the videos You made. Your spanking (and other forms of corporal punishment) skills, of course, are amazingly wonderful, and Your tone of voice and ability to thoroughly scold and lecture are unparalleled. Debra, if You are still reading the comments here, i noted how You said You were not planning to retire Your hairbrush. It is my deepest hope that i can make contact with You and arrange to visit You to be thoroughly punished by You for being such a very naughty boy. Yes, i’ve been spanked by others, but my greatest wish is to experience a complete Debra punishment session. Please let me know how this dream can come true! Most sincerely, johnnychatterly (aka jackbrat)

  29. Paul says:

    Hello Debra 💕. For all the many years since I became aware of NWL (easily more than 25 years)) I have had a very fond affection for, and appreciation of you.!!!!
    One of my strongest desires is that somehow, some way, I might be able to experience a hairbrush spanking similar to the one depicted in this posting.
    Might there be any potential possibility that such an experience might ever be a reasonably actual possibility ??? That would be a fulfillment of a decades long fantasy like almost no other for me. ! 🤠
    I hope your life has become much more settled over the intervening years and that you have found a place of peace and personal happiness through those years.
    Wishing you all the best, and hoping you have not retired that dreaded hairbrush !!!!!!

    With fondness and appreciation,

    Paul Higgs

    • johnny chatterly (aka jackbrat) says:

      Maybe Debra will consider the idea of having us both report to Her at the same time and spank both of us in the same session!

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