That’s Gotta STING!



This is new territory for my blog but probably way overdue. You are the first M/m site I’ve ever reviewed. I do believe it will make some of my female “fan-nies” very happy.  (and a few men too). And don’t despair F/m fans, read on! The site is run by Rob and Richard.

So how did you meet?

We met years ago as friends, then went out separate ways. I was working in London for a TV news company and needed somewhere to stay so Rob, who was living already in London, suggested I stay with him.

iWhat is your relationship with each other?

Long term friendship.


Are you two featured in the video’s?

Yes we both appear in the videos although just lately in the past year or so I have pulled back from this to get other projects started. Mainly we prefer to use and train other tops for the job, especially from an up and coming younger generation of models.


You have some wonderful performers. We’ll get to that in a moment. Are you both tops, bottoms or switches in real life?

I would say both tops.


Are you a lifelong spanko? How old were you when you knew?

I know I was in to it at School aged about 14. Boys were caned and spanking in the UK as a punishment similar to the way you guys use the paddle. It tuned some sort of switch on and I was fascinated by it. The idea for Sting Pictures came many years later and not particularly because I was in to it, more from the point of view I was working as a professional in the film industry.


When did you start your site?

Wow, more than 25 years ago before Rob joined. It was part time to start with as we both worked in the UK film and television industry. In actual fact I first shot video experimentally in the late 1980s with borrowed professional TV equipment that wouldn’t have been available to the ordinary content producers, that all came later.

Currently you feature Men spanking men and Women spanking Men. I hear you’ll be breaking the sites into two?

Which site does Andy like best?

Yes that is correct, in fact we are going to have two sites, one for MM spanking and in future one separate for CFNM. We also have a site called Hornet Pictures which is MM spanking but with sex mixed in too.

You can access both thru:


I’ve heard from many of my female friends and many love M/m. I doubt you get a breakdown on sales but do you think more men or women buy your clips?

Unfortunately we’ve never done this analysis we’d better get on and do it! We do know that we have many female fans though who buy the clips. Strangely perhaps some of the best suggestions come from female customers. You would think it would be the other way round!


Women are just smarter than us. Personally I enjoy women spanking men. Is that a big appeal in the M/m community?


When we fist did it we were faced with a bit of opposition, one member accused us of being traitors to the cause. However, it soon became apparent that the the MM community does have guys who really like it.

The great cartoon drawer Franco often features F/M spanking with his feisty ladies as he calls them. It was one of the reasons we tried CFNM spanking.

Well it works for me. Do you enjoy being spanked by a woman?

I would say I am bisexual too so I found it quite intriguing, now we often get an emails from MM guys who say they are amazed that they like it. I think the right dominant woman can hand out a spanking as erotically as a man but it takes all sorts I suppose. A little bit of what you like personally is not a bad thing.


You have found lovely women to dish it out, want to tell us how you found them and more about them?

We generally work with an agent or at least we started that way. These girls have no inhibitions and can quickly work our what you want as a director. Just lately we have taken on two merely by word of mouth, they tend to be in to it, so it works even better. One of them has a boyfriend who works on the MM side spanking as a bottom too, I am sworn to secrecy I’m afraid and can’t say who.



I would say though that it is not uncommon for a girlfriend or boyfriend come come along to a shoot and they wait in the green room while their partner does the shoot. Sometimes they run of set during a break to show their waiting partners their reddening butts too!! We also sometimes now have BF & GF together doing CFNM spanking.

Sounds fun. I’d love to chat with them sometime too, if they would like?

Okay I will see what I can do.


Is there a difference being spanked by a male or female?

It depends who you ask I think. To some being spanked by a female would not be good for them at all, while others would be in seventh heaven. A lot of people think the female spankers will not be as hard as the male, this of course isn’t true, it really depends on who the top is. Some of our girls can spank really hard and the guys know it! The only difference I think is in sexual orientation and what turns an individual on.

My headspace and desire is being spanked by strong women. The funny thing about spanking is our preference. I mean if you blindfolded us, bared our bottoms, and had someone of either sex spank us would we enjoy it just the same?

 Sorry I went off in a philosophic detour. Your ladies are lovely, are they true spanko’s or just hired hands? (pun intended)

Mostly models from an Agency but some of them truly love to deal with the guys, you can tell!


It shows. They must have a ball shooting these video’s?

Some certainly do, its a good excuse for some of them to get their own back.


Do they do private sessions?

That I don’t know? Sorry. But they well might if asked.


We’ll have to ask. Which one would you fear the most if she was truly angry?

Miss Steel

Miss Steel!

She is lovely and seems to enjoy dishing out. Have you ever ended up over Miss Steels knee?

No, neither Rob or I ever have.

Too bad. Is she just a model who answered an ad, or does she truly love spanking?

We originally cast her from an agency but in fact she has quite taken to spanking guys and has a real enough authority charter. She natural dominates. We have a new one similar to her waiting in the wings at the moment.


Another reason to pay attention to your site then. Let’s get on to a crazy topic, the crackdown on websites and content, what the hell is going on?

Well the UK initiative has fallen flat on its head, quite rightly. It was just a political diversion anyway. I would have been practically unenforceable. All you need is a good VPN


Where are we going? A puritanical society? I thought we were out of the closet in the 21st Century?

People are sussing fast this is a lefty Marxist style plot and the undercurrent now politically is slowly changing, I think people are waking up at fast to political correctness and growing lack of free speech and the damage it can do.

Where are you guys located?

Currently in The Czech Republic but we do shoot in other countries too


I knew a Czech once. I don’t think she liked me. I hear you are moving to new digs soon, nicer ones. I guess business is booming?

Business is OK, however we will improve a lot of things once we get the new studio operational. Its a lot of building work and is a good 18 months way yet I’m afraid.

Is it the best job ever?

Yes its great, but I miss my time a bit in the mainstream film industry. We have to cut a lot of corners in adult but the results are good. Once we get the studio up and running again we’d like to go back to making full length spanking movies and that will include CFNM discipline too, any ideas?

I may have a few. And I’m sure my readers, Andy’s Fan-nies, will post one or two idea’s also, right team?


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7 Responses to That’s Gotta STING!

  1. baxter says:

    interesting. after all, it is spanking and both sexes need and want it.

  2. zalkatt says:

    I’m not one into men spanking men. I believe women should be the one doing the spanking. I don’t believe a male should have the authority to spank anyone but himself if directed by his female disciplinarian, wife, girlfriend etc. With the exception of permission by the lady to give a spanking to another person while she supervises.
    In my opinion, women should always be in charge and be the ones to give discipline.
    I am mostly submissive but I have in the past given many spankings to deserving ladies. If I was under the strict control of a female in a FLR I never would have or expected to have gotten away with spanking them.

  3. kerr says:

    I’ve seen some of their stuff pretty good until they start the sex stuff and that for me isn’t that interesting.

  4. John Bela says:

    There are plenty of men on men sites…not for me thanks

  5. jack says:

    I like it all….however there are very few guys/twinks/etc that can take a real even moderate spanking. When you see Arial, Alice and others receive blistering bottoms, yet 95% of the guys over react to even the lightest hand spanking, it’s a turnoff. Plus many don’t understand camera angles or the rituals and punishment. Maybe I just like my spankings strict and real and never with comedy.

  6. Josh Day says:

    Thanks Andy for branching out and providing this interview! I am a dyed-in-the-wool spanko and like all aspects of spanking, if it is well done!

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