All the Rage–Part 1

We have uncovered another lovely lady who will not hesitate to bare your bottom and spank it soundly. Let’s chat with Victoria Rage. This is part one of two, because I asked so many questions.

Your spanking may be a two parter....

Your spanking may be a two parter….

Pleasure meeting you, Victoria. I found you from someone you gave a spanking to. You offer a lot of services, do you enjoy spanking?

Actually, spanking is my first love. Before I really knew what S&M was, I was putting my friends over my knee and brightening their bottoms. It was innocent at first, but as I grew older I came to find I got a very deep charge from this particular form of discipline. 

Interesting. How did you become fascinated with spanking?

Like most, in childhood I got my first glimpse of a real spanking. I was at my friend Kathleen’s house and that particular day she was smarting off to her mother, a very brutish – no nonsense woman – quite a bit. I don’t remember exactly what my friend had said in particular exchange, but her last retort was the final straw. Without any hesitation her mom pulled her over her lap and smacked her bottom with a ruler right in front of me. It must have only lasted a minute but when she was done, we were sent bathroom to clean up and collect ourselves. She was crying, her skin was streaked with red and through her tears she her admitted that she had provoked her mom intentionally. It was an eye opening moment.

 Do you remember how old were you when you started spanking your friends?

I know the first time I spanked Kathleen, my childhood friend, I was 7 and I’m fairly certain she was the first.  

How did it come about? Were they willing?

Playing with friends....

Playing with friends….

I never had a hard time spanking my friends. They boys did it because they liked me and I didn’t exactly ask politely and the girls allowed it because they just happened to enjoy it. I’ve always managed to attract people who were, open minded, we’ll say…. I think aside from Kathleen, I spanked others in school. When we played house, I’d be the mean mommy who disciplined everyone. In high school, I was very dominant and spanked a few friends who didn’t conduct themselves to my liking.

Do you still spank your friends?

Every chance I get!!!!

Creative Concepts
They probably aren’t shocked at what you do for a living though, or are they?

Since I moved to Seattle, all of my friends tend to also be in the adult industry in one form or another. To them, what I do is interesting, but no big deal thankfully.

What does your family think about it your “job”?

My family really wasn’t surprised when they found out. I’m sure they wished I was in a more noble profession but ultimately, they know I’m happy and successful so they’re pretty accepting.

I’ve always hoped to have support in doing what I wanted, to not feel that I need to hide it, so having casual conversations about my dungeon with my mother or talking about my blog with my grandfather always makes me smile. 


You still use spanking in your private life, then?

Oh… I’ll never tell. (wink)

How’d you end up doing this for a living?

In my late teens I found that Domination was a profession, so I poured over online ads until I found a local dungeon.


 In short, I pretty much hounded the head Mistress to let me audition and while I was too young at the time, she offered me an interview once I turned 18. The rest is history!

How long have you been doing this?

Professionally, at this point just over 10 years! Spanking in general, I believe I’ve been doing for about 20 years.

How do you learn all the tricks of the trade being a hard core dom?

The dungeon I started with helped train me a LOT. They had so many rooms, various toys and tools, then plenty of opportunity to practice with the other ladies who worked there. If not for that place, I’m not sure I’d be where I am now! I was so excited when I got hired that I couldn’t keep still, I wanted to learn EVERYTHING, it was an absolute obsession.

Tell us more about your services and how to book sessions with you?

I cater to a whole host of things actually, BDSM, Fetish, Role Play, Power Exchanges and other various kinky exploits with curious suitors. The best way to book with me is by visiting my website and following the instructions on my website:

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