Raging On…Victoria Pt.2

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Sorry Victoria Rage, I didn’t realize I asked so many questions. You are just so easy to talk to. We’ve had a nice response to your interview. I hope you have also? Shall we continue?

You are definitely a dom, and do some heavy duty play, we are pretty much interested in the spanking side…is that too vanilla for you?

Oh of course not, it’s something I’ve always held near and dear so it will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart.  Most people assume Dominatrices only cater to hard core clients, but there are so many novices who contact me that I tend to rely on spanking as an introduction to kinky play.

Have you ever been spanked?

I dabbled with it a bit in my early 20’s, but never quite enjoyed it as much as when I was the one doing the spanking. I just felt like I was on the wrong side of the fence and had to act my way through it.

How tall are you?

Barefoot, I stand 5ft 5in. 

Why do men crave spankings so much?

I used to wonder this myself, but after exploring many avenues, I realize that ultimately there isn’t much point in analyzing WHY we like the things that we do. It’s far more important to find the self acceptance needed to embrace and enjoy our desires. 

How important is lecturing and role playing?

I really depends on my partner, so for my professional offerings, I always take my playmates needs into account. Some just like getting to the action itself without formality or pretense, but for me…no spanking is ever complete until we’ve gone through the entire ritual. A shameful verbal chastisement is always needed in my mind, as well as hearing my partners plea to be let off the hook. If I catch them in the act of whatever I’ll be punishing them for, that’s wonderful too. It’s about build up for me as much as the punishment itself. There are so many wonderful emotions I like to see them experience and those really only come out when they’re cornered, humbled and disciplined. 


Do you have a favorite part of the spanking…like baring the client, the first spank, the pleas, tears.

When I watch spanking pornography – and I watch it a LOT – my favorite part is seeing the undergarments be taken down. It’s that last bit of protection, the last veil before the full exposure.

 When doing things with a real life playmate, it’s the string of apologies and promises to do better after only a handful of slaps. I just love reminding them ‘we’ve only just begun’….

What are Miss Victoria’s rules while getting spanked, like no clenching, feet on the floor, don’t put your hand back, etc?

It’s funny, I’ve noticed that no matter what rules I put into place, when you’re giving someone a thorough spanking, they can never seem to keep themselves composed. I always tell my pets to take their punishment with grace… Hands on the floor, no crocodile tears, no kicking, no excessive or dramatic crying or whining. If I see a hand reach back to protect themselves from the blows, we start the spanking again from the beginning. 

Do you only spank men?

Oh no, not by any means. I do tend to have mostly male clients, but I love spanking women. They’re often much less bashful about expressing their pain, shame or pleasure. Plus, it’s incredibly sexy when they involuntarily kick their panties across the room as I’m warming them up.


Can you give a sound hand spanking?

Very much so! I always thought I had very delicate hands, but after numerous OTK’s, I’m often complimented on my hand strength. Honestly, I really think it’s more determination than anything else at this point. 

What is your favorite implement? Which has the most effect?

The cane tends to have the deepest impact, but I use all of the classics as well; paddles, brushes, rulers, straps and belts also have their place.

Do you attend spanking parties?

Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be many dedicated ‘spanking only’ parties in my area, but if there were, I’d surely attend!

What area are you located in?

Seattle, WA

Have you ever spanked anyone famous?

Locally famous yes! Nationally famous, no, but I wouldn’t mind spanking Claire Forlani.

So not Bill Gates? You offer Double Domme Sessions, are they popular?

As a matter of fact I do offer them and they are wildly popular. Who doesn’t like biting off more than they can chew?

Done9 (2)

Finally, what do you get out of the session?

Gratification and Satisfaction!

 I enjoy facilitating the punishment people crave as much I’m interested in experiencing their deeply personal desires. I’m overwhelmed with a sense of control and the predatory side of me finally feels quelled in those moments. The sights and sounds are also incredibly intoxicating, I could go on and on.

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  1. David says:

    Sounds like a lovey Dom

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