Miss Montana – Gets to the Bottom of Things

Your website says you are “A Corporal fix for a Corporate world” are most of your clients white collar professionals?

Yes I would say at least 98% of my clients are white collar professionals.

I love the saying. I think we could use your services in the White House these days. Think you could solve the political mess we are in?

No, I don’t! We are a fiercely divided country fixated on labels like I’m a Democrat or I’m a Republican, not I’m an American. Nothing will be fixed in this country until we learn that compromise is not a dirty word. We also need to learn to meet people with different thoughts, views, and opinions in the middle. However, with that being said, I do feel like Donald Trump could use a good old fashioned spanking to get him focused and tame that hugely inflated ego of his.

How long have you been a disciplinarian and how did you get started?

I have always been keenly interested in respondent conditioning, using the connection between the neurological processes of the brain combined with the physiological responses of the body and controlling someone through those responses. It all started 28 years ago when I answered an ad for a phone sex operator. The woman that I worked for, Mistress Loren, moved to Dallas and opened up a dungeon. I trained with her for several years. We went on to co/own the dungeon until she moved out of state. I then set out on my own, opening up my own dungeon.

Were you always bossy, even as a little girl?

Yes, I was definitely born this way!

You offer many services, I’ll give you a chance to list them all, even though I want to focus on spanking….

My interest are varied and wide ranging, but here are a few:

Body Play
GS & Enemas
Percussion Artistry
Domestic Discipline

That’s quite a list. Which service do most clients come to you for?

I would say that most of my clients come in for an hour of escapism. In whatever form that takes, whether it’s spanking, bondage, pegging, CBT or something else. It is their time to escape and reboot. When they leave they are refueled and ready to take on the world with a clearer understanding of what they need to do in order to achieve success.

My readers get mad if I don’t put this near the top. Where are you located and how do we get in touch with you?

My home base is Dallas, Texas where I have a fully equipped dungeon and a full domestic area. I also have a fully equipped dungeon in London UK which I share with Mistress Chatterley.  Additionally, I travel frequently to Delray Beach, Florida, the Inland Empire in California and Austin, Texas
I can be reached at:

Also, I’m going to give them your travel schedule because I’m sure they are going to want a spanking:

Corona California  April 30-May 4

2017 Austin Texas May 14-17 2017

Delray Beach Florida June 5-9 2017

Okay, Let’s talk spanking….do you love it?

I do! I love all aspects of giving a spanking.

Do you remember the circumstances of the first spanking you ever gave?

Very much so…I took him over my lap and used a wooden hair brush on his bottom. He kept squirming around so I wrapped my leg around his legs to anchor him down. It was amazing to see the shift in his demeanor after the spanking was over. It was like someone had hit the reset button.

And hit and hit and hit it. Tell me about a spanking session with you? What should I expect?
It’s real, not make believe, and I spank hard!

Is it strictly discipline for you?
No, it is not. You may be in need of discipline but I also believe in rewarding good behavior.

I used to get an extra dessert as a reward.

Well I’m betting that since you’re all grown up now you have different wants, needs and desires and dessert probably just doesn’t do the trick like it use to….LOL

Then tell me what’s a reward spanking?

I pour some baby oil onto my thighs, rub it in a bit, then make you lie face down over my lap in a traditional OTK spanking position. As you drape yourself across me, I can feel you pushing down onto my slippery lap, I can sense how excited you get. I then allow you to reach your left hand back and put it on my ass, as I have you hold my ankle with your right hand.  Then I take what I call a little bedside paddle and began spanking. Not too hard, but hard enough…..for??  I’m sure you can guess the rest….smile!

Okay, I’ll take that over cake and ice cream. Do you think it can be therapeutic?

Absolutely! There have been major studies on mindfulness and it’s correlation with success. According to the Mayo Clinic, mindfulness is simply “the act of being intensely aware of what you’re sensing and feeling at every moment—without interpretation or judgment.” By being invested completely in the present moment, you can learn to direct your focus away from intrusive or random thoughts that keep you from being productive. This is what a spanking session provides.  It allows you to redirect your focus away from random thoughts of business and center them back on yourself.  For that hour of time you are completely engaged and mindful of that moment in time where nothing else matters but you.

Do you lecture? And scold?
At times, if my client needs or desires that. However, my sessions are completely personalized according to what my client wants or needs.

Do you have a favorite implement?

Yes, I have a few. I have a wicked acrylic paddle with holes that I make. Then I also have a huge affinity for exotic hard woods…but I also love a nice wooden hair brush!

Can you give a sound hand spanking?
Absolutely, I truly enjoy it! In my 28 years as a disciplinarian I’ve yet to have a client express that their discipline was too soft.  In fact, it is usually quite the opposite – I tend to be a little heavy-handed!

Do you enjoy OTK, you have long’s legs right? No problem keeping a naughty bottom over it?
I do enjoy OTK and I love wrapping my powerful legs around my clients, holding them nice and still as they take the paddling they so richly need.

Do you like to role play? Any special scenario’s?
I love role play!! I’m quite fond of playing the in house company therapist were my client has been sent to me by his boss in an attempt to correct his bad behavior, or lackluster performance.

Is there a favorite part of a spanking for you? Lowering the pants, the first spank, tears?
Yes, I like watching my clients undress and seeing the fear in their eyes as they anticipate the pain to come.

What do you get out of the spanking session?

A spanking session is quite physical and can be emotionally draining. When I’ve finished a spanking session, particularly a heavy corporal session, I feel much like when I leave the gym. Tired, but very calm along with a sense of accomplishment.

What’s your travel schedule like?
Crazy busy at times. I’m in London every 3 months and Austin, TX every other month. Those dates get supplemented with trips to California, Florida and my own personal travel. There are some months that I am gone more than I am at home in Dallas.

You are friends with the amazing Alice Morningstar. Have you two ever worked together?

Alice, I miss ya!

No, but we tried the last time she was in Dallas. Unfortunately our schedules just didn’t work out.

Tell me something about her I don’t already know?
Well I’m not sure how well you two are acquitted, but I’ll give it a good old college try – Not many people know Alice is a vegan! But If you want to know more, schedule an appointment with her.  I promise you, you won’t be disappointed!!

I ask my readers to say “Andy sent me” when making appts. with strict women like yourself. Alice used to reward those who did,. What will you do for my readers who say it?

Like I said earlier, I believe in the punishment/reward system. Bad behavior gets punishment and good behavior gets rewarded. So for those that follow the instructions they will get a good boy spanking.

Line forms behind me….and I’ve been a total angel!

You can see Miss Montana too:

Mistress Montana
** Austin Texas May 14-17 2017
**Delray Beach Florida June 5-8 2017
BOOKING NOW 972-203-6026 www.mistressmontana.com
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4 Responses to Miss Montana – Gets to the Bottom of Things

  1. Do you ever visit NJ? I would love to be spanked by you!

  2. Ethan says:

    Is the ending of a good boy spanking referring to what I think it is? Putting my left hand on her bottom and holding her anckle with my right hand would probably do the trick for me. Probably wouldn’t even need to bedside paddle…

  3. Mistress Montana says:

    LOL….Im not sure if that funny or sad Ethan!

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