Miss Iceni Will See You Now

It’s a pleasure to meet you. Why haven’t we met before?

Likewise, and I have no idea why we haven’t come across each other before. The important thing is that we have now.

I’m glad we finally have. I know nothing about you. So let’s start at the beginning, how long have you been spanking naughty bottoms?

I have been spanking naughty bottoms for about 5 years now, starting off in my private life.

Only 5 years? Do you remember the first one? And the circumstances?

I remember the first time I really got into spanking, which was with a boyfriend who was a switch. Secretly, of course, he wanted me to spank him more than the other way round. He was a few years younger than me, a handsome chap and had the most delightfully pert and inviting bottom which he offered regularly. He also had a selection of really smart underwear and it was such a pleasure for me to lower/remove these elegant pants, and reveal those peachy cheeks! Once I started to spank him properly, and realised he liked me to do it hard, I realised how wonderful it is to smack someone’s bottom (specially if you are fond of them, you are giving them pleasure, and they have a cute rear end). I was hooked.

Was it everything you thought it would be?

Much more than that. As one of my friends put it, who’s a spankee ‘it’s very moreish isn’t it?’ Once you pop you can’t stop.

As a child, what sparked your interest in corporal punishment?

I had a very strict stepfather who believed in almost Victorian discipline: children had to be seen and not heard, always be polite and well-groomed, and well behaved. If we were naughty, we got punished. Limits were clear and lines were drawn. He was also a very domineering and controlling character, so I have always been fascinated by domination and submission, and the power play between people. Mostly because as a child I was the unwilling recipient of repressive control. Now, I have to thank him for it as I learnt a lot about how to be firm, strict, and sometimes even cruel.

Was spanking popular when you were growing up?

Spanking was being phased out when I was growing up in school, specially for girls. I went to an all girls Public School and we were not spanked or caned but it had not been phased out that long ago. Rules were still upheld with detention, chastisement, threats etc. My brothers received the cane at their school however. I remember spanking being all around us in children books, Enid Blyton and so on, and it seemed someone was always getting a skippering or a thwacking in the Beano and Dandy.

Did you witness many?

Sadly, no.

Were you spanked?

Yes, but without any of the ritual elements of a punishment. Spanking was as a last resort after being warned, and was sudden, quite violent, yanked across my stepfather’s knee and given a few hard thwacks. More of a short, sharp shock therapy than a ritualistic punishment.

How old were you when you realized you wanted to spank some bare cheeks?

I’ve had a fascination with all things spanking without fully realising it, since my teens.

Did you start off spanking for fun?

Yes, I have always been fairly kinky in my personal life.

You spank both naughty boys and girls?

Absolutely! Most of my clients are naughty boys at the moment although I do occasionally see naughty girls too, and am very happy to see more women. I have filmed on several occasions with the legendary Miss Elsa as Miss Ash at the Bellington Academy, where I spank naughty young ladies in school uniform. I am always delighted to be given the chance to smack a nice well-rounded, sensual girls bottom. It is a completely different dynamic too with boys and girls. I am finding that there are a lot of younger women who find a mature, maternal figure appealing when it comes to spanking.

Is there a difference or a spanking is a spanking?

There is absolutely a difference. There is everything from sensual spankings, with softer contact, rubbing, stroking and soothing,  to real punishment spankings where the miscreant gets no mercy, and can sometimes end literally in tears.

And now you are starting your own clip store?

Why yes, thank you for asking. I’m currently thinking about making short clips which will be available for sale (as well as the website which is coming soon). Initially I’m thinking of posting them on Clips that are for sale site.

They will be old-fashioned, traditional punishments, for example, I’d like to do some clips of birching (as per my Twitter feed, people seem to love seeing a good birching!) Also the style will be very retro and will feature situations like stern Aunty, severe governess, upright schoolma’am or headmistress, and mostly domestic scenarios. I’m keen to feature traditional petticoat punishment as well, and am currently sourcing Victorian and Edwardian bloomers, frilly petticoats, bonnets, and so on. You wouldn’t believe how tricky it is to find an adult-sized but infantilising sailor suit but I think I may have cracked it!

Is spanking the best job ever?

Oh yes! Sometimes I have to pinch myself. I love working for myself, having the flexibility to organise my own time and work/life balance. I like the challenge of reading people and providing them with the best experience possible. I love the fantasy element of role play and the theatricality of some sessions. I genuinely have met some wonderful people on the scene who have become close friends. I also get real pleasure form the creative project that is running social media and online marketing. That has been a revelation to me. I must mention that at the moment I do this part-time and combine it with vanilla work, also freelance. For now that keeps me fresh and enthusiastic, and means I can be selective about who I see. This may change but so far it works very well.

Better gives us where you are located and how we get in touch with you now?

I am located in North London, near Highgate. It’s a ten minute walk from Highgate or East Finchley tube. I have a very nice discreet, private flat in a large Victorian mansion house, which is slightly faded and crumbling but was probably quite grand at some point. It has a nice old-fashioned feel to it. I am lucky enough to have found a flat with a separate room which I have decorated as a retro study/punishment room. I was aiming for a retired headmistress’s/company director’s study, the personal quarters of a powerful lady who, when you look closer, clearly has an interest in spanking and punishment. I wanted to create a mood and atmosphere that involves a kind of regression to childhood/youth/subordination of some sort, and stepping into a room where you know you’re in trouble.

Shall we go to my room?

The best way to contact me right now is by email (mistressiceni@gmail.com). I will be setting up a website soon, so there will be contact details on there. Also I am active on Twitter, so you can always message me there.

I’d really love some good Ol American boys (and girls) to come and visit if they’re in London, I’d be happy to show them some traditional British discipline

I’m sure you would. What’s your favorite implement?

I love all my implements. I have a fetish for wood and leather implements. I have a great heavy leather tawse that is beautifully weighted and has a powerful and elegant swing and momentum all of its own. I’m also enamoured of a wooden-handled leather looped strap from Jack’s Floggers that I bought recently. The leather is so soft and pliable, it works almost like a whip.

How about position?

I really do like the physical intimacy and matriarchal control of OTK spanking. However, I’m also loving my custom-made Eton Flogging Block which I had made with restraint straps. It warms my heart to see someone strapped to the block, face down, they look so helpless, bottom in the air waiting for a thrashing!

Do you have a spanking philosophy or style?

Well, I spank hard! Is that a style? Wherever possible I think spanking should be authentic, and strict. It isn’t over until I say it’s over, and that’s usually past the point of you thinking it’s fun and enjoyable. Other than that my style is old-fashioned, traditional, and quite psychological.

I mean, I decide to see you. How does it work? What do you want to know of me first?

First of all, I expect an email that is polite, introduces you and gives me a little information about what you’d like to explore with me. Text-speak emails and imperious demands ‘Inform rates/location/dates’ or ‘wot cheapest u can spank me 4’ for example, get sharp shrift. I’d like to know what your level of experience is, your spanking fantasy, and quite a lot of other information. Communication is everything, specially when you don’t know someone but even further down the line when you do. I tend to send people a short set of questions for the first meeting, and I ask about their level of experience, hard limits, safe-word or not, any language/activity that makes them uncomfortable, their expectations for a session, whether they enjoy verbal chastisement, want to be marked, consider themselves a masochist, have any preference for how I dress, and if they would like a role play or not. By the time we meet I should be able to read the person quite well and be able to prepare the best possible experience for them in the session. Although I stay present and aware in the session so I can be intuitive and ‘read’ them as we go along as well.

Can spanking be used as therapy? For fun, or is it mainly for discipline?

Hard to say which is more important. I think it depends on the person. It can be all of these. I get great pleasure however from giving therapeutic spankings that provide some form of catharsis or release, and from providing discipline when a person knows they need it and benefits from it.

Do you need or use safe words?

I don’t need one but I offer it to people at first in case they do. I have very rarely had people use one so far. I can usually tell how far to push and when to stop.

Any rules we must follow?

Call me “Miss’, ask permission before using the bathroom, do not change position unless I tell you to, don’t rub those cheeks unless I give you permission, do not swear at me or be insolent, and don’t pre-empt me by starting to count, for example, until I tell you to. And be clean and tidy. And absolutely no wandering hands!

What is your favorite part of the spanking? Baring the bottom, squirming, tears?

Sometime during the process, when I can tell that I have pressed the right buttons and the person I am spanking is submitting and letting go. The sensation that I have pushed their limits and got them to where they need to be. But now you mention squirming, I do love a squirmy, responsive bottom.

What do you get out of the experience?

I have a lot of repressed anger 🙂 so I get to express that, to channel my female rage in a very healthy context. I also feel super-focused after a good spanking. Psychologically I get a lot of enjoyment from taking someone on a journey and helping them come to terms with their kink/need for discipline.

We bottoms get a spanking high, or endorphin rush, do you at all?

Yes but it is slightly different. It is more lazer-focused, like a heightened state of awareness, than fuzzy and floaty if that makes any sense.

What makes a spanking “outstanding”? Communication? Trust? or just a thorough warming of the bottom?

Communication and a connection that is based on trust.

Do you lecture?

No, but I used to be a teacher so that sounds interesting! Where do I sign up?

Use corner time, mouth soaping or any other pre or post discipline?

Yes, and writing lines, stress positions occasionally, sadistic games appeal to me, or disciplinary tasks that cannot be easily completed.

Do you enjoy role play?

I love it. I don’t need it to get into the right headspace but it can be so much fun.

Favorite scenario’s?

Peeping Tom gets caught by outraged neighbour, prudish older lady in a corporate setting, maternal but stern governess, strict headmistress, mean sister-in-law blackmailing brother-in-law over his infidelity which my sister does’t know about (this is a long-running narrative on my Twitter account for example), Stern Aunt, imperious Lady of the Manor with  disappointing servant/domestic, mother who’s searched a young man’s bedroom and found he is a panty-thief, childhood friend on a reunion who used to bully you as a kid, strict new step-mother who has taken over discipline in the house and the rules are about to change and you’d better be on board… how long have you got? I could go on!

Are you open about it with your friends and family?

Mostly yes. My mother, for example, is very supportive and proud of what I do! She gets the femdom element and is totally accepting of it. She asks a lot of questions and finds it fascinating. She sees it very much in a Cynthia Payne context, which I suppose it is, Madam Cyn is a heroine of mine. I have told all my close friends, who are mostly intrigued and/or fine with it. Some of them (ladies) more intrigued than others. They may even come over to the dark side!…. And I managed to out myself by mistake to my brother and his girlfriend, a careless link to my Twitter feed that was done in error. Oops. That turned out fine. I have no shame about doing this, and I thought very carefully about my image and clips/films being online, as once it’s on the internet it’s there for ever. I decided I was fine with it being out there. I wouldn’t want my employers in my other job to know (though technically it shouldn’t make any difference). However, while you cannot sack or suspend someone for their sexual orientation, it seems kink is the ultimate taboo and it could affect your standing at work. If that happened, and if it was a problem, then I’d go full time so win/win. Some of my work colleagues know and love it.

Is it tough to have relationships once your partner finds out what you do?

I’ll answer that when I have a partner! I have not been dating recently, since I started doing this as a Pro, and I feel that yes, it would be tough. Not many men could cope with their partner dealing with naked bottoms all the time. So it would have to be with someone open-minded or into spanking also. But seeing as I have met such truly lovely people with this predilection, I shall assume a whole new world of possibilities is out there in terms of relationships. It’s a difficult thing to bring up on a first date though, I must say!

Is there a most memorable spanking? One that comes to you when you close your eyes?

Yes, with a close friend. We are very close and connected in many ways, and it had a transcendental element to it, we both went on a very powerful journey. I had endless energy and vigor, I was a punishing angel/goddess, and he was across my lap in an ecstasy of catharsis and painful joy. It was a long, energetic, rhythmic spanking with a leather belt, We released something archetypal and very intense. He became the little boy that he needed to be, and I unleashed the merciless disciplinarian I needed to be. We both felt as if we were tripping afterwards. It was quite an experience!

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17 Responses to Miss Iceni Will See You Now

  1. Another Mike says:

    The mature spankers get me every time. Time for me to start planning that trip to England before it’s too late.

  2. Peter says:

    A wonderful interview with a really lovely lady, thank you and thank you Miss Iceni x

  3. Sandy Mackie says:

    A wonderful account of your spanking interests and activity as well as being a very open and honest explanation of how it was first stimulated. You can count me as one of your most appreciative fans.

  4. Sandy says:

    A wonderful account of your spanking interests and activity as well as being a very open and honest explanation of how it was first stimulated. You can count me as one of your most appreciative fans.

  5. Sandy says:

    Can you please remove surname from my first post. Thanks

  6. Andrew says:

    Miss Iceni is my dream headmistress, a non-nonsense disciplinarian who will deal severely with an overgrown schoolboy like me. Oh, to be told to take my trousers down for a caning on my fat bare buttocks and to see her enjoying the stripes appearing on my plump cheeks!

  7. Mr Webb says:

    I think.I know who the bf was from some ago…

  8. Peter jenson says:

    Miss iceni is an intutive spanker with great feeling and a sense of understanding others’ naughty fun!!!

  9. Mark put when playing it mandy says:

    You dress so good, it must be so good to be put over your knee.

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