Montana – A Very Nice Lap to Visit

It’s been a while since we’ve chatted. How’s life? 
Well, I wish I could say that life has been sweet and easy, but the truth of the matter is, its been anything but.
Not to bring a dark cloud to things but I know you have a dungeon, what’s this Fosta/Sesta thing and its impact?

Since we spoke last the USA has seen some major attacks on the escort industry and the domination world has been swept into that vortex. Mainly due to peoples ignorance regarding the new laws and exactly what it is they say. Because of that, many venues of advertising have closed and clients don’t know where to look. There is no longer a mainstream publication where you can find everything from a concert, nail shop, car repair, or a dominatrix. Backpage was mainstream so there was no problem having it up at work or on your phone with no fear of getting caught. Backpage is gone now and nothing has stepped in to replace the void that has been left. When this first happened business crashed. It has been slowly climbing back… but very slowly.  

Well you are in DC often. I think you and your paddle could change policy. Tell me you spanked some naughty politicians?
Oh, I LOVE DC! I love handsome, extremely intelligent men and Washington DC is not hurting in that department in the least. I see lots of politicians from both sides of the aisle. They have stressful jobs and they are always needing a good spanking to balance out the scales.

Maybe even a President, who we hear is no stranger to a few swats on the bottom?
He could use much more than a few swats,  but lets not get into that. We could be here all day.

What can we do about it?
I don’t know exactly. However, I have been pondering that exact same question myself. I guess first we need to stop coming from a place of fear. A spankologist or a dominatrix is not a sex worker any more than a therapist who specializes in fetish addictions or a urologist that performs a prostate exam. 

Let’s remind everyone how to contact you?
A Corporal fix for a Corporate world….Mistress Montana

Dallas 973-203-6026
Dayton 937-701-6899
London +44 020 3808 9394

And you offer way more than spanking?
I do. I offer domestic discipline, but I also offer many many different forms of domination such as edging, bondage, cbt, obedience training, tease n denial to name a few.

I don’t know what all that is.
Come see. I have locations in Dallas, Austin, Dayton Ohio, and London UK. All of my locations have fully equipped dungeons and full domestic area to accommodate a multitude of clients with a host of different desires, fantasies, and scenarios.
Scares me, but I’m sure some of my “fan-nies” like it?  It’s the lap and the paddle that interests me most. Do you still have fun spanking naughty bare bottoms?
I always have fun doing that. It’s so amazing to me to witness the shift in my clients, after they receive the spanking they so richly need and deserve. It’s like someone hit the reset button on them.

Do you like safe words?
I do, at least for the first session that I have with a new client. I spank hard and it is very real. Most people do not understand how hard I spank and they overestimate what their tolerance level is. I’ve had many a man tell me how they can take a super hard spanking and within 10 minutes they find themselves feeling dizzy, sweating, needing some water and rethinking their comments. 

Gulp. So what exactly are we in for when we see you?
You can expect a session that feels very real. With a woman who is, not only beautiful but also intelligent and articulate, and has a deep understanding of your needs/wants/desires. Someone who is interested in you and making it the best experience possible.

And I’ve seen you. You are beautiful, you have that mid western, Texan look. (Whatever that is) Blonde, green eyed beauty, lovely smile but you look like you can wield a strap with ease…..oops, I strayed. You take over the session or do you want us to give you info into what we want?
I’m always looking for your guidance before the session starts. How can I provide the very best session possible if I don’t have an understanding of who you are, your past experiences and what you are wanting to accomplish going forward?
But once the spanking begins, you are totally in charge?
Absolutely! I want your input before we start the session especially if I have never seen you before. However, once the session starts then it’s all mine. I take the information you give me but once that session starts it’s in my hands as to how to bring that session alive.

So we can just let go. You used the phrase, “Respondent Conditioning” before. Sounds so sciencey, is it just a fancy way of saying the endorphin rush?

No, it is not. Respondent conditioning is so much more. We all experience respondent conditioning to one degree or another. If you and your wife have a nonverbal command that is understood, such as when she walks into any room you’re in and she is holding a small round wooden paddle, you know that you are going to get a spanking and it’s going to be hard. You might find yourself starting to sweat, your heart rate may increase and you might feel scared. You feel this way because you have been conditioned that every time you see that paddle you have had an experience that produced those same results. Now flash forward 2 years. You and your wife are divorced. Your girlfriend finds this paddle and she walks in with it in her hand to ask you why you have it. You will most likely find your body responding the exact same way as when your wife would walk in with the paddle in her hand. Now, in that moment, there is no fear that is needed because your girlfriend knows nothing about your desire for spanking, but your body has responded exactly like you were going to experience that spanking. Your mind has been conditioned for that response. You only get an endorphine rush after the spanking when your body produces a drop of of dopamine into your system to help with the pain. The name endorphin comes from the words “endogenous,” which means “from the body,” and “morphine,” which is an opioid pain reliever. The dopamine that is released into your system is very simaliar to common opioid drugs.

So we are Pavlov’s dogs? You are very smart. As a top do you get a spanking “high” too?
No, I do not. I get asked this question all the time especially pertaining to Domination. Clients want to know if I get turned on by my sessions. The answer is no. I am 100% focused on my client. I’m not thinking about myself or my desires. I am fully present in that moment focusing only on what my client needs and how best I can facilitate those needs for him or her.

Have you ever been spanked? I’m asking purely as scientific research, to understand this endorphin thing better!
When I was a child by my father. I haven’t been spanked in my adult life. Nor is it a fetish that I enjoy.
So you don’t get anything out of the experience? Just a therapist, doctor, worker doing a job?
That’s not correct at all! I just don’t get the same thing out of a spanking session that my client gets. I’m not experiencing the session in the same way. I don’t feel the pain, the endorphin rush, relive the experience or go into sub-space. However, I have a great sense of satisfaction knowing that I have provided exactly what my client needs. I also feel very calm after the session much like after a great workout. I believe this is part of the problem today. We seem to think if someone doesn’t experience something in the same way that we do their experience is less valuable somehow and that simply is not true.  It’s just different.
But you enjoy dishing it out, right?
Absolutely! We are who we are for a reason. My father formed my deep dislike of being spanked. Much like some of my client’s mothers formed their passion and excitement for being spanked!
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  1. jack says:

    It’s so nice seeing a play space with lots of real wood paddles. Not just leather studded ones or slappers.

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