The Martinet’s Second Sting – Ah Eris!

It’s been awhile since we’ve chatted on the record. How have you been?

Thanks, I’ve been marvelous, if a bit busy, trying to juggle my femdom and vanilla careers! hope your spanking adventures have kept you equally refreshed and happy?


Our last interview: is filled with great info, in case anyone missed it.

The world seems like it’s in quite a mess. Does it help or hurt business?

It seems indeed, and what’s more concerning, our activities in spanking seem somewhat under threat. Meaning, not only do we live in “exciting” times, but depictions of our harmless little hobbies may soon be outlawed on the internet.
I can’t tell whether the international picture is having an effect on my business, because my base has been slowly and steadily increasing, due to my investments, touring, and clips. It may well be that in times of trouble people still resort to guilty pleasures to ease the stress! I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a direct proportion, even.

How long have you been doing this now?

My first appointment as a spanker was in December 2013. I have been seeing people occasionally since, and with my move to Manchester, last summer (2015) I adopted professional spanking as a full time occupation I devoted all my attention to.

Tell us what you’ve learned since the early days?



That boys get naughtier the more you spank them! ��
…I have learned about varied types of mindsets and preferences that push people over my knee. I encounter deeply submissive boys who cry and protest as well as seasoned masochists who always ask for more, defiantly.

Have you learned from the ladies of Manchester?

Absolutely. I met some of the scenes’ legends here in the North, like Miss Buffy Brown, the Hunteress (before retirement) and mistress Kitty, and witnessed various types of discipline. I’m very much enjoying the friendly scene up North and the variety.

I’ve learned more about the psychological art of domination, even through spanking. As you delve deeper it transcends from simple perversion into almost therapeutic territory; and while I’m not one to make bogus claims about my profession, at times spanking and correlated activities give one marvelous insights into and healing of the mind.

You sound on top of your game. Are you traveling a lot?

Oh yes!–all the time. I visit Birmingham and London every month. I am musing about visiting Scotland at some point (I heard about rebellious Scots who need their kilt rolled up for a seeing to).

Come see me and Miss Kitty

Come see me and Miss Kitty

Mistress Kitty and myself are also in the early stages of planning a French visit. I think in February things will gain contour but if anyone is interested, do get in touch.

Remind me and I’ll remind my readers. Where can we find you and how do we book sessions?

Everywhere! I have a site,, that covers all the main areas I deal with along with booking info.

I have a Twitter: @erismartinet, where I can be reached quickly.


But the most secure and efficient form of contact is email:
I take appointments with at least 24-hr notice in my home town or 2 weeks + in cities I visit.
Obviously, all sessions require a deposit.

You just enjoy dishing out pain.

I call myself a professional sadist. That’s because spanking men is uplifting for me!


Caning is the star on my menu. Accurate caning with role play and real disciplinary purpose is a favorite. People can expect a very real, consummate disciplinarian to dole out punishment. I truly believe I was born to chastise men and there is a precious bond of suffering and redemption where this happens in caring hands.


Tell me about the services you offer?

Growing into kink has developed my understanding and experience with its more mental and niche aspects. Like humiliation, mental sadism, deep worship.
Foot fetishism is an integral part of every femdom practice and a personal favorite. It has deep significance and symbolic value, and also an aesthetic aspect (think of the shoes…)

I most often see people in a domestic setting, but I collaborate with the beautiful chambers at the Fetish Emporium in Manchester where the possibilities are endless, as permitted by the paraphernalia. Dressing men up in the girlie room is always great fun!

I enjoy talking to submissive men on the phone as well, for which I provide instructions on my site.

Do you have a favorite kink?

Power? I enjoy power. It is wildly varied, of course, and it presents itself in constructive or downgrading versions. I enjoy the power over a person as a token of their respect and abandon that leads to personal development.

What do you get out of delivering pain?

Glee! I am aroused when I impart pain. I like to possess, and use the male (or female for that matter, I have a personal submissive in the person of Ella Hughes, the porn star, and spanking is par for the course in our rapport). I am truly a woman who likes to grab and smack a man’s bottocks. Having them bent over and secured in my spanking bench is a thrill.

Favorite implement?


I fetishize the cane. I fetishize the swish, the elegant efficiency of it.

I’m sure a lot of my readers enjoy heavier BDSM. But  my favorite kink is plain old spanking. Do you still get a lot requests for them?

Half of all my professional sessions are all about spanking! I would say it’s quite rare that an encounter doesn’t include at least some basic spanking.
Your lap is stunning.

Thank you!


Tell us what we are in for once we we are over it?

Groping, inspecting previous punishments. Gently slapping. Then spanking harder. Expect embarrassment and nurturing correction.

Are your spankings severe too? Do you have a style?

I can spank quite hard. My personal preference if for hard slaps. I adapt to the individual, and often times I enjoy pushing the novice further  more than I like a judicial caning with the seasoned masochist.

My style takes into consideration the spankee’s mindset. I always spank symmetrically, progressively, and with plenty of rubs.

Also, no cliches.

Do you scold? Lecture?

One of the finest things about CP is the tongue-in-cheek lecturing; this can reach sensitive spots. Or can truly humiliate a remorseful sub. I like to keep things real, so even where role play is involved, I will elicit points of real psychosexual relief. I had truly memorable sessions with submissives who confronted  their own actions during this confession aspect of spanking. I find it a true professional triumph when that happens.

This is not to say, however, that I do not enjoy a completely innocent fun spanking. I just think there is, usually in my experience, more to spanking than meets the eye.

Are you into role play? Any favorite scenario’s?

There is joy to role play. A favorite is military, or office. I have enjoyed, most of all, the surprise of requests from people. I like variety and a challenge.

You offer sessions with other disciplinarians too, right? Who do you work with?

Buffy Brown

Buffy Brown

My favorite disciplinarian to work with as per experience is Mistress Buffy Brown. She is very skilled and like me, enjoys a hard caning! ��
I am however looking forward to joining forces with more disciplinarians. I hope to one day meet the marvelous Mrs Weltsova! She feels like a kindred spirit: educated, from the same part of Europe, and a CP afficionado.

Do tell her I say “hi”.

One of the best things about femdom in general is the camaraderie that exists between the ladies. I am fascinated by female dominants and I am sure, from my experience, that men also very much enjoy a few ladies ganging up on them. So this is, if you will, also an open call for any lady to get in touch to work with me for the greater good :-).

Those must be fun sessions?

More fun is had the more people involved!

Have you spanked many women? I’ve heard from a lot more recently who seem to enjoy it.

In a professional setting, only a few. In a personal setting, a little more. As previously mentioned, I am in a D/s rapport with a beautiful girl. I think what happens is, the ration of submissive men per dominant woman is very disproportionate to the rest of the possible combinations, which is why so many more female dominants charge. Whereas sub women will often easily find a dominant to spank them absent fee. And also, they enjoy a more intimate rapport. Many sub men are happy to get their fix in a commercial setting, which is a philosophy harder to bear for the female sub, in my experience. But on this, as with everything, I am happy to be proven wrong if anybody has evidence to the contrary.

Would you spank a friend if they asked for one?

Oh yes! Why not?

Have you spanked anyone famous? I’m not asking for names, but if you want to tell us that would be okay.

… nobody mainstream famous that  I know of. A few people somewhat known in various areas, only. But always quality people!

What famous person needs a spanking most right now? Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump would have to be near the top of the list?

While Kim is a definite beauty who frequently inhabits my fantasies… I think a truly “judicial”, “punishing” treatment would be most deserved by Hillary. Also Theresa May!

Britain's Home Secretary Theresa May delivers her keynote address on the second day of the Conservative party annual conference in Manchester

For my own pleasure, I would be honoured to spank all Victoria’s Secret models…and British actor Hugh Dancy…because, well, pretty…
What advice would you give someone who’s on the fence about seeing a professional disciplinarian?

I’d be honest: if you want to seek a D/s relationship, or just a kinky one, nowadays the fet scene offers people the chance to meet like minded perverts. But, in my experience, the best of the pro dommes offer a level of expertise that, generally, normal people–busy with their jobs etc., simply do not have. Someone who does this for a living every day, will have developed a huge mass of knowledge, insight, compassion, and will give you a reliably good experience. It’s been harnessed into a product.


 I am also guarding people against the idea it is impersonal and cold: all the disciplinarians I am friends with, since it is such a niche aspect of kink, will more or less really be passionate about it. They will provide a view of things that is: thorough, considerate, perfected to an art. People who have survived in this business are general gurus and naturals at it. Fascinating characters, also.

In my case, I am recommended by my genuine passion and dare I say, lust, for the submissive male. And my now experienced versatility and personable service. am very fond of the vividness of the scene and generally, for the well informed consumer, there is much information around (forums such as British Caning Society, for instance) for people to make an informed decision. Providers are rated for people to know in advance of making a financially costly decision. FetLife is a very good place to learn about dommes too. I would consider Twitter a good place also.

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