Visiting The Drake–Josephine Drake!

Hi Josephine, (pain and) pleasure to meet you.

josephine 2337494_origHello, Andy. Delighted to make your acquaintance.

Let’s talk kink, you offer a lot of services can you tell us a bit about them?

Well, I enjoy many different activities, including corporal punishment, age play, bondage, humiliation, manhandling… the list goes on, but the most important thing to me is the rapport with the person I’m playing with. I get the most satisfaction when my play partner is in a fully absorbed head space, totally immersed in the scene I am conducting. That is my primary goal as a Domme.

What is your favorite?

Honestly, it’s not about the activity as much as the connection with the person I’m playing with and the quality of energy exchange…Though I will confess to a soft spot for perverted, controlling Mommy scenes.

You are in California right?

Yes, I’m right in the heart of San Francisco.

Most of us figure out our kink early on. At what age did you know you liked to dominate?

I’ve been interested in power from a very early age. I had pirate fantasies as a child, involving a great deal of kidnapping and bondage—plus I wanted to be a witch when I grew up, casting spells and controlling people and such. I also saw Rocky Horror Picture Show when I was about six years old —the main character being a really fun, sexy, dominant transvestite, of course— which had quite an impact on me.

Did you use to rule your childhood friends?

I’ve always been very bossy. I never experimented with kink on anybody as a child, but I did talk my pals into participating in some rather risky, sometimes unsavory situations.

Do you remember any of those situations?

I need to protect the privacy of those implicated– especially me.

How did you get into it professionally?

On a whim, I answered an ad in the paper. I interviewed at the Shadows and was instantly hooked.

How much training did you receive at Shadows?

It’s difficult to quantify, but let’s just say that I jumped in head first and took full advantage of the situation at hand. I was surrounded by an amazing group of creative, skilled, generous women, and we did a lot of sharing and practicing together.

Do you work with Mistress Morgana?

Yes, we are long-time friends with a penchant for double trouble. She is an amazing woman: super-foxy and brilliant, with an excellent sense of humor. She’s also a filmmaker and has a doctorate in psychology. Do you see what fantastic company I keep?  

How did you meet?

She started working at the Shadows after I’d been there for about a year. We became good friends, going to parties and classes and often doing sessions together. We have quite a catalog of memories from those days. Sitting around a BDSM house waiting for sessions with a bunch of incredibly beautiful, intelligent young women, experimenting on each other and swapping stories. What a marvelous time! 

We love spanking on this blog….do you love spanking?

I absolutely adore a good, old fashioned spanking, especially over the knee. What’s not to love?

When did you give your first spanking?

I honestly can’t remember… but what I do remember is watching Mistress Reba —otherwise known as the “Compassionate Sadist”— give the most amazing spanking I’d ever seen.  I was lucky enough to train with her for a time, during which she taught me a lot about corporal discipline and giving pain. Though she retired some years ago, I still refer to her as my Domme Mom.

Have you ever been spanked?

I was a switch for my first several months at the Shadows, so yes. Before that, I had a few special friends I used to goof around with that way, though it was not very serious.

What should we expect if we are coming to see you for a spanking?

It really depends on the scenario, your limits, and whether you are coming for punishment or not. If it is pure punishment and you’ve been particularly naughty, I may slap your face and scold you right at the front door. Otherwise, most require a bit of warm up… so I usually start with a nice, long, over the knee spanking. I may use a hairbrush while I have you over my knee. If harsher measures are still required after that, I may restrain you over the horse and use the strap, a paddle, or a cane.

Do you have a favorite part, like the first spank or baring the bottom, and what do you get out of the experience?

I think my favorite part is when the person I’m spanking is just at the edge of or slightly over their limit… but I also love that moment when they submit (or are “forced” to submit) and get over my lap. I like that contact, feeling them squirm, and watching them really work to take it. Then of course there’s that wonderful euphoric feeling we both get from the experience.

Is it more fun to spank naughty boys or girls?

Naughty boys are sometimes naughty girls, and vice versa. I find them all delicious.

You have a fantastic body, how do you keep in such great shape?

Why, thank you! I am a very sporty gal. For exercise I run, take spin classes, surf, wrestle, and occasionally chase down and tackle captives who try to escape punishment.

How tall are you?

I am five foot six inches in my stockinged feet, but I look much taller when wearing shoes and being gazed up at.

Can you give a blistering hand spanking?

Absolutely. Would you like a demonstration?

I just might! Do your friends and family know what you do, and what do they think?

I am very out of the closet to my friends and family. My parents were initially uncomfortable with it, but once after describing a session to my mother, she said, “Hey, I think I’d like to do that!” She is a retired nurse, so that’s a pretty broad skill base right there.

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3 Responses to Visiting The Drake–Josephine Drake!

  1. David says:

    There’s lovely

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  3. L. Rodrig says:

    Do your spankings have to be nude? Do you get creative with positions? Do you base the way you spank on requests or role playing?

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